January Hopes Update

Earlier this month, I shared with you my January Hopes.  I told you that since we’ve got a lot going on and I don’t want to stress out, I was writing down some monthly “hopes”… not a to-do list or goals or resolutions… just five tasks I hoped I could get done.  And if not, that’s okay too.  I didn’t fare well in January.  Let’s hope for a better February.

(My original hopes will be in bold and the update will be in regular text.)

1.  Hang something in any room on any wall in this house.  I’ve already done it and it felt so good!  I’ll share soon.  It was in the laundry room and it serves absolutely no purpose and I don’t even care! – DID IT!

I shared earlier this week that I hung a few things up in the laundry/mudroom.  If felt so good and makes the room seems a little more homey… even though it’s SO far from being done.  We’ll call it progress 🙂



2.  “Finish” a room.  I’m hoping this will be our master bathroom or bedroom. – Not so much.  I don’t have a picture for you because we basically didn’t get jack done in either of these rooms.  Well, I take that back.  I got our clothes in the dressers and a few things organized in the bathroom vanity… but that doesn’t make these rooms done.  Better luck next time!

3.  Get back in the routine of reading my Bible, journaling, and read one of the three books I got for Christmas… on a daily basis. – I’ve done better with this but still haven’t made it a daily habit.  I’ve enjoyed reading and journaling but find it taxing after a long, hard day.  That probably goes to show I need to start my day with these activities.  Oh how I have a love-hate relationships with early mornings.  I can get so much accomplished but it’s so hard to drag my lazy self out of the bed. 

4.  Find some furniture for our living room. – YES!!!  I told you guys the other day that we found furniture.  I can’t share photos yet because it has yet to arrive.  It should be here this week… next week at the latest!  Yeehaw!!!

5.  Get the quarter round installed in the house… the whole house I’m not sure… but at least a start.  It would be nice to have the whole house done, but again, I’m trying to stay STRESS FREE!  It’s not a hard task at all, I just need to get it painted and then we can install it.  It’s just finding the time and getting it done. – Didn’t even begin the project.  It’s been raining or freezing or dreary (or all three at the same time) almost the whole month.  And then I was out of town for like 5 days and J.C. has been working longer hours.  So, it’s not done.  It’s not even started.  Ooppsss…

I’ll be back soon with my February Hopes.  I hope to share 5 things each month and then give you an update at the end of the month, for the remainder of the year.  That way people know my business and can kind of keep me in check.  Will you do that for me?!  Gently remind me that painting and installing the quarter round is more important that another hot bath or an episode of Criminal Minds.  Thanks… I’d appreciate it!

By the way, did you set any January Hopes?  If so, did you follow through and get the job(s) done or did you fail?  Were you super hard on yourself?  Don’t be… there’s always next month.  See you guys soon!


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