Hanging Up Memories and Making Life Easier

One of my January Hopes was to hang something up in our house.  What I meant by that was to put something on one of our many bare walls.  Do you know how weird a house feels when the walls have NOTHING on them?  It sure doesn’t make the place feel homey.  One night I just decided that I had to hang something on the wall, whether is served a purpose or not… and I did just that.

A while back (like months ago) my BFF and I hit up a little store in town that sells antiques, junk, etc.  I found a couple of things that day that just “spoke to me.”  Know what I mean?  When I saw them, I just had to have them for our new-to-us place.  One of them was actually pretty old and reminded me of some really good childhood memories.


It’s a very old, wooden badminton racket that would surely fall apart if you even swung it through the air, but I love it!  It’s hanging above the door that leads to the pantry in our laundry/mudroom.  I still have a hard time figuring out how to take decent photos in this room.  It’s small and doesn’t get a ton a natural light so the photos end up being a little grainy.  Hopefully I’ll get better soon. 😉

Here’s a little close-up shot of the badminton…


The paint on it is a blueish green color and it’s really chippy, which I like.  I just put two very small nails in the wall and hung it up.  If you look really close, one is near the end of the handle and the other is in between some of the strings.  It’s perfect and I love it there… even though it serves no purpose at all!

Since I had hung something up in this room, I figured I would keep on going.  I was about to go bonkers because we had nowhere to put our keys or mail, which are two things that I often misplace if I don’t have a specified spot for them.  There was mail all over our dining room table.  More than 2/3 of our mail is junk, but I can’t control it without a designated spot for the stuff that we need to keep, like bills or tax info.  So, it was time to get something done.

If you’ll remember, I bought this little organizer for this room as soon as we moved into the house.

magazine rack

It’s from Urban Outfitters.  I caught it on sale and got free shipping.  I love a good deal!  It’s also been featured in my moodboard for this room…


I’ve wanted it in this room since the very beginning… and now it’s there.  I grabbed my hammer and nails and went to town.  Since I was doing this by myself, I made a few little templates with tape on where the nail holes should be.  Everything came out “pretty” level… close enough anyways.


And here it is in all of it’s glory…


I added a “key” key holder and a sweet little piece of typography artwork so that things wouldn’t look so bare.  Plus the key holder keeps me from having to run around the house like a chicken with my head cut off wondering “where the heck are my keys?!?!”.  Now if I could just get J.C. to hang his keys there 🙂

For the little “pay” and “file” labels, I just took some old scrapbook paper, cut it to size, and wrote on there with a Sharpie.  Nothing special, but it will help me remember what goes where.  Here’s a little close up of the oh-so cute scrapbook paper.


Isn’t it adorable?  Even though I paid for the paper, I already had it before I started this project so we will just file that under “free”!  That sound good to you?  And if you like it, I have some leftover.  Just call me and I’ll run it by your house 🙂

We’ve been living with the mail organizer and key holder for about 2 weeks now and it seems to be helping me.  Are there still things on the dining room table?  Why yes, yes there are a few hundred things on the table… but at least my mail is sorted and the car key can be found.  And every time I look at that badminton racket I think of my childhood and smile.

So… do you ever have commitment issues with hanging things on the walls?  You do know that if you mess it up or don’t like it, it just takes a little spackle (or white toothpaste) and a smidge of paint to fix it, right?!  Don’t be scared to have fun with your walls.  It makes a house feel like home!




One thought on “Hanging Up Memories and Making Life Easier

  1. The badminton racquet is really neat- I also have good childhood memories of that yard sport 🙂 And you will be making good memories with your child in a few years! Decorating a home is a journey, not a destination. It changes, grows and keeps improving through the years, mainly because of the precious memories. Love you, Mom 🙂

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