Rock A Bye Baby

Hello there!  I’ve missed you guys lately.  I haven’t posted all week, for a few reasons.  First off, last Saturday my sweet little nephew made his entrance into the world.  In case you are wondering, he’s perfect.  We tried to help out a little by keeping our niece for a day and so that was fun too. That was one of my goals this year… spending more quality time with family.  That baby girl and me laid in bed most of Monday and watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  It was wonderful 🙂

Then during this past week I’ve been at Wal-Mart trying to sort out a cell phone issue.  Thank the Lord it’s finally over.  I was in Wal-Mart from January 5th to January 21st for a total of 7-8 hours… FOR.A.CELL.PHONE.  I was wondering if I even needed a cell phone by the time it was all over with?!  I was about to hang it up (no pun intended) but finally got everything sorted out yesterday.  And now I’m learning a new phone… that’s no fun.  So, this week has just been different than most, but that’s alright!

I’ve had baby on the brain a lot lately, obviously, since I’m now 15 weeks pregnant.  We still don’t know whether we are having a boy or girl, so there are no concrete plans for the nursery.  Well, let me back up a little.  I have already purchased a new-to-us Jenny Lind crib that I found on Craigslist for $50 that I had my mom and dad fetch for us.  Then my parents found a matching changing table at a thrift store to go with it for 20 buckaroos!

Here’s the type of crib and changing table style that we have.  Of course, this isn’t the exact one but you can get the gist.

jenny lind crib

jenny lind changing table

These are classic Jenny Lind style pieces and I’ve always loved that look.  If you click on the pictures, you’ll be linked to  the actual products and see that it would have cost us around $350 for both of these items.  And we paid $70 for ours.  So, that’s puts us $280 ahead!  Woo-hoo!!! I love saving money.  And guess what?  Our baby won’t care if they are new or not.  He or she will be new to this world and won’t know any difference.

I do have plans on painting both the crib and changing table because right now they are an oak finish.  I don’t mind the finish at all but our floors have an oak look and everything would just kind of blend in (not in a good way) and get lost.  Right now I’m thinking white, but I may change my mind.  I’ve seen some very pretty Jenny Lind cribs in coral, mint, yellow, light blue, black, etc.  I’ll have more of an idea when we found out the sex of the baby and figure out a plan for the nursery.

One other thing that I’m dead set on is a rocker.  It’s isn’t concrete yet because we haven’t purchased one… but it’s concrete in my plans.  I know what I like and what I don’t like but am still having a hard time figuring out what I want.  I want to keep a few things in mind while I look for one:

-Completely upholstered

-Tall back (when aren’t extremely tall but we aren’t short either)

-Rocks or glides or both… do they even have that?!

-Possibly slipcovered

-A place for our head to fall when we fall sleep rocking the baby

-Neutral fabric that could be used in different rooms of the house

We have enough room in our master bedroom sitting area to put it in there… or it could be in the nursery… something else we aren’t sure about.  Don’t they say that pregnant women have a hard time making decisions?  Oh no, I have a hard time making decisions when I’m not pregnant.  We are in trouble 🙂

Here are some of the ones I like (click on the pictures for a link to the actual product):

nursery works rocker nursery

This one is really fun and funky.  It is “adult” enough to look good in any room of the house.  Here’s the deal though, it doesn’t meet all of the requirements.  The back doesn’t look super tall and there’s nowhere to prop my sleepy head up.  The price is pretty good though, $499!  Another thing to think about is that there are no reviews on this product.  This one is probably not “the one.”

eddie bauer rocker

I really like this one!  The price is spot on at $399 and it comes in a few different colors.  It basically meets all the requirements… but… there is always a but (and a butt).  The reviews aren’t too hot.  It only gets 3.5 stars out of 5.  That makes me a little nervous, so this may not be the one we go with either, even though I love the way it looks.

graham glider west elm

This glider is the same one that Chris and Julia have in their youngest daughter’s room.  She (the mom not the baby) gives it a big thumbs up.  She’s tall and says it’s a really good height.  That’s a plus for sure!  It also meets all the other requirements, but it’s the most expensive one so far, sitting at $799.  That’s a lot of dough, but I’m sure it’s a very quality chair.  It also comes in a ton of different colors and fabrics so that’s another good thing about this chair.

tufted nailhead rocker target

Ok, so.. I LURVE this chair.  The tufting, the nail head trim, the rocking legs, and the color.  I think it would look dynamite in our bedroom sitting area OR the nursery.  It meets all our my requirements and the price is spot on at $399!!  It only has one drawback… no reviews.  But, I guess we could be the first to review it, right?

ava swivel chair home dec

This one is really pretty, right?  It’s a pretty good price, $459, and comes in three different colors.  I’m not sure how much those sides would hold our sleepy little heads up… and there’s something else.  It says it swivels.  I can’t find anywhere that it rocks or glides.  That’s a no go for me.  Too bad, because it’s a very sophisticated looking chair.

I found a few others I liked, but don’t think they will work for us for one reason or another.  Which one do you like the most?  I think my favorite is the bluish-gray tufted rocker with the nail head trim and winged back.  My only reservation is that it might not “go” with my plans of a really girly room (if we are having a girl).  I guess we just need to wait and see.  Leave a comment below to tell me what you think!  I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂








6 thoughts on “Rock A Bye Baby

  1. Don’t know what rocker you’ll settle on, but I know I’m just ready to rock the baby! Don’t forget They have the rockers and gliders and you can ship to store with no shipping charges! I am familiar with one glider model and it has a smooth glider operation and is comfy to sit in for less than $200. You can just SHIP YOUR ROCKER!!!!!! Love you, Mom

  2. We have Alex’s great grandmas stationary rocker, and it’s wood. If you get one too comfortable, then you will be tempted to sleep in the chair and not get back in your comfy bed! Which is important for quality sleep. Also, for the first 6 months of Lilly’s life, we didn’t even have a rocker due to apartment living, so…. Whatever you choose, it will work for you, because you learn to adapt, plus, you won’t ever know what you are and aren’t missing 😉

    • The more I think about it, the more I think that the rocker might be for me more than the baby. I’ve always loved to rock a baby, whether they really like it or not 🙂

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