January Hopes

The other day I shared a little review of 2014 as well as some exciting news.  If you missed that post, just click here.  Towards the end I told you guys and gals that we still had SO much to do on this house… and it’s a bit overwhelming.  I figured to keep from stressing out so much, I would break down some of my “hopes” (not goals because that’s stressful) into months.  Setting goals for the whole year seems too far out… especially since I have no clue what my year will look life with a baby in the mix.

So, let’s get to it!  My January Hopes…

1.  Hang something in any room on any wall in this house.  I’ve already done it and it felt so good!  I’ll share soon.  It was in the laundry room and it serves absolutely no purpose and I don’t even care!

2.  “Finish” a room.  I’m hoping this will be our master bathroom or bedroom.



They are the ones closest to being finished… if you want to call it that.  We’ve already got a bed, a rug, a dresser, and bamboo blinds in our bedroom.  It feels cozy but it’s not yet finished… not anywhere near.

3.  Get back in the routine of reading my Bible, journaling, and read one of the three books I got for Christmas… on a daily basis.


I want to do it in the mornings but I’m SO not a morning person so that’s going to be a hurdle for me, but I don’t want to start off by being negative so I’m going to give it a go.  It could be in the morning some days or at night on others.  We will see.  The fact that I am a sick a lot thanks to the baby isn’t helpful on trying to get up early either.  Now, if I want to start and hopefully stay on track with this hope, I need to unpack some more boxes and find the books, Bible, and journal 🙂

4.  Find some furniture for our living room.


I’m not so worried about coffee or side tables, but a few couches and chairs would be SUPER nice.  Remember that post about perfection that I wrote back in December?!  I told you that you should have people over even when the house isn’t perfect.  Well, I can’t really have anybody over right now because there is literally nowhere to sit.  Funny, huh?!

5.  Get the quarter round installed in the house… the whole house I’m not sure… but at least a start.  It would be nice to have the whole house done, but again, I’m trying to stay STRESS FREE!  It’s not a hard task at all, I just need to get it painted and then we can install it.  It’s just finding the time and getting it done.

Uhm… there are other things I want to get done, but I’m leaving it at 5 for now.  Remember, less stress.  It will be good for J.C., me, and the baby!  Do you set New Year’s resolutions?  Or do you just have “hopes”?  Maybe you should give it a try!  I will try to update you in February on what panned out and what didn’t.  Here’s to hoping…




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