2014 In Review

I’m straying off course and posting at 7 pm instead of 7 am…. and on a Saturday.  I have taken a break from blogging and a lot of other things for the past two weeks because of Christmas, spending time with family, and moving into our new place. 

Wow!  So much happened in 2014.  Some good, some bad, and some ugly.  There is no way that this time last year (December 2013), I could have dreamed what 2014 would have in store for us.

The year started out pretty uneventful.  I had a small laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis on February 13th, 2014 and 10 days later our house caught fire and was completely ruined within less than 10 minutes.  We went from zero to 100 VERY quickly.  Too quickly actually.

There’s just never a good time for your house to burn, take my word.  But God had already provided everything we needed.  In November 2013, we had bought a new-to-us house in the country with 43 acres, a pond, a shop, a barn, etc., etc., etc.!  But the thing was, we weren’t planning on living there while it was being renovated.  Isn’t it funny how our plans are rarely ever the same as the ones God has for us?!

So, a few days after we got back on our feet, we moved into our new-to-us house and started renovations almost immediately.  It was nice to have something to keep our minds off of the devastation that had just occurred. I won’t go over every single renovation, DIY, before and after, etc. that occurred, but here are my top 5 posts/pages from 2014 (based on how many people viewed the posts):

1.  An Antique Mirror


2.  Our First Flip

missouri  bath before1

3.  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


4.  Home Tour


5.  Old Milo Farms


I look back at the past year and have to admit that it was extremely hard… like maybe the hardest one yet.  But you know what?  I learned so much.  Not only have I gained knowledge from doing hands-on tasks, but I’ve also gained knowledge from dealing with difficult experiences and situations.  I’ve never had a hard year… nothing like this one.  I think I’m a more grounded person because of it.  I’ve noticed that things don’t get to me like they used to.

And the best is yet to come.  Want to know why?!  The greatest “project” that we started this year and will be completed in 2015 comes in the form of a baby!


That’s right… we are expecting!!!!   And we couldn’t be more surprised, blessed, or excited.  We feel so honored to get the opportunity to become parents.  My due date is July 17th and we cannot wait for baby’s arrival!!!!  And no, it isn’t two babies.  That’s just two different pictures of the same baby!

As I shared the other day, our to-do list is MILES long, and seems to get longer each day.  But that’s okay… because I like lists… and projects… and lists of projects.  I hope to share some of the things we plan on tackling in 2015 in another post very soon.  We’ve got so much to do I’m not even really sure where to start.  HELP!!!

Well, how was year?  Has it been more difficult or easier than others?  Have you had any life lessons that you’ve gained knowledge or wisdom from?  Leave me a comment below to tell me what you accomplished or learned in 2014 AND your plans for 2015!

5 thoughts on “2014 In Review

  1. Congratulations on your big news! That is so exciting!
    I’m a new reader so I don’t know you well, but I’m excited to follow along in your journey.

  2. This was a very good blog! I liked the whole year-review thing and especially the part about me becoming a grandma (my third grandchild)!!! Yayyyyy!!! Love you, mom 🙂

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