Mid Kitchen Reveal

It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally ready to show you some more updates to the kitchen.  When we started to even consider purchasing this house, the kitchen was probably my least favorite room.  It was cramped, dark, and closed off from the dining room.  No joke, I told J.C. that if I couldn’t reconfigure the kitchen and change it up BIG TIME, we couldn’t buy the house.  He told me that he couldn’t agree more.  SOLD!!! This is where we started…



I wasn’t feeling it at all.  Let me make one thing very clear though.  This kitchen was a nice kitchen.  The cabinets were custom-made and other than just a little wear and tear on the doors and drawer fronts, they are very sturdy and well built.  The countertops and flooring were pretty outdated and worn, not to mention not my style.  The sink was just your average sink but the faucet made me want to hurt somebody.  That peninsula was in the way and the opening between the upper cabinets and lower cabinets was around the height of my belly button, so I had to squat to see into the dining room.  And imagine this room with a table in the middle (no, I’m not lying) and a fridge.

So, we decided to nix the upper and lower cabinets that stuck out into the middle of the room.  Then we agreed on a countertop material, a new farmhouse sink and tall faucet, and backsplash material.  I could see it all coming together in my head.  J.C. even liked my ideas.  If I can just put a photo on paper for him and then show him some other homes that feature some of the same materials, he’s a pretty easy sell.  But don’t tell him I told you that 😉

Then when our contractors camped out at the house for like FIVE WHOLE WEEKS (insert the little “cha-ching” noise here) they retrofitted the old lowers, built some new uppers, and primed the cabinets.  I showed you guys all of that here… and here are some pictures in case you are too lazy to look at the other post.  You’re welcome!


(The cabinets outlined in red are the ones they retrofitted/built.)




At this point, the kitchen had seen big HUGE improvements, but it still had a long ways to go.  For instance, there were no cabinet doors, drawers, countertops, etc.  That’s the stuff you haven’t seen.  And I might as well not blab on about all of that.  Here she is now…


Can you even stand it?!?!  We are totally smitten.  In these photos, the countertops only had 2 coats of sealer.  They now have three.  And just in case you are wondering what we used, it is a product called Waterlox.  I highly suggest it!

And look at those new cabinets doors and drawer fronts!  Aren’t they great??!!  Here are some close-up shots of everything.


Sorry there is plastic covering all of the base cabinets.  We had it on there to protect the cabinets from getting the countertop sealer on them.  As you can see in the picture, the vent-a-hood actually blends in nicely with the cabinets.  It isn’t the exact same color but it will do for now.  We are actually thinking of replacing the vent-a-hood with a microwave with a built-in exhaust fan, probably stainless and black to match our other appliances… but I’m still really on the fence about that.



This photo turned a little redish on me, but the countertops aren’t really red.  They are a deep walnut… so beautiful.  They MAKE the kitchen.  And the dishwasher is also being replaced with a stainless one.



I’ll wait just a minute until you are done admiring everything… Ok, you done now!?  Good, because I wanted to tell you what’s left to do in this room.  Just the other day I shared our List a Mile Long, which was a really long list of things to do, broken down by each room.  Here’s what we had left to do in the kitchen:

-Install backsplash tile

-Add open shelving

-Organize cabinets

-Install recessed lighting

-Install under cabinet lighting

-Install air vent


-Replace electrical outlets and switches

-Put appliances back in

-Hook up dishwasher (the one from our previous home made it out of the fire and matches the rest of our appliances)

And I told you I was sure I had forgotten a million things and I had.  I didn’t even include the fact that we needed to install the faucet.  That’s actually already done (and looks so good by the way) but wasn’t done when I took these pictures.  Let’s just all do a little cheer that we have running water in the kitchen!!!

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Let me know in the comments below what you think about that whole vent-a-hood/microwave situation going on over the stove.  I’ll be back soon with more updates on one room or another 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mid Kitchen Reveal

  1. Really love the white in the kitchen and how the countertop goes so nicely. Cant wait til we get a biddy house so I can hire your amazing self ^_^ excited to see whats next!!

  2. This looks amazing and a million times better than the before! I love the dark counter tops.
    On the above the stove microwave, my parents have had one for years and my mom HATES it. The extra heat has effected the way the microwave works and it cramps the stovetop. She always mentions that if she had more counter space (think apartment sized kitchen) she would put the microwave there in a second.

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