I’m a Fan

Yes, I have decided that I’m a fan of fans.  Well… at least the new fan that our master bedroom is sporting!  We were at Lowe’s a while back and I found my way into the lighting/fan section.  I always take a look just to make sure there isn’t anything I can’t live without.  If you’ll remember, I just couldn’t decide if I was a “fan” of ceiling fans?!  Then I saw this one… and it was on sale- SOLD!

master fan (2)

Isn’t it lovely?!  It’s made by Hunter and you can get more info by clicking on the picture.  It’s back at the original price of $169.00, but I picked her up for $129.00!  I love a good deal!

You may have already gotten a sneak peak when I showed you my rural oasis.  There was a little glimpse of it in this picture…


But here it is up close and personal:


J.C. got it installed one night when I wasn’t there to help.  Sorry honey!  But he did say that they made it to where there was a hook that it could hang on the whole time you were wiring it up that made installation a LOT easier than most fans.  And with the light on…


It looks pretty bright here but truthfully the edison bulb doesn’t put out as much light as we would like.  We’ve finally decided that this room is definitely going to need some recessed lighting.  It’s just too big to go without it.  Just another thing to add to the list.  🙂


Don’t you just LOVE what we are doing with our master bedroom?!  It’s called the construction zone look.  Very trendy!!  Oh and just in case you forgot what was here before…


You probably can’t tell from the photo but yes… this is indeed the same room.  And that old ceiling fan.  It basically clothes lined you every time you walked underneath it.  It was WAY too low for us, so an update was much needed!

Anyways, I won’t keep you.  I’m sure you have Christmas presents to wrap!  Do you like our fan?  I’m glad I finally found one that I liked.  I was getting worried there for a while.  Yes… worrying over a ceiling fan.  Leave it to me!

P.S.  Our flooring was laid in the rest of the house (minus the tile in the front bathroom) this past week.  He (our flooring guy) started on Tuesday.  I cannot wait for you to see it.  And guess what?  As I mentioned here, we actually didn’t go with hardwoods.  I’ll share with you guys in another post what material we went with and why.


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