Hey gals.  Yes, I’m talking to the girls.  This post doesn’t really pertain to the guys because most of you could care less about what I’m about to talk about.  Perfection… in your home and pertaining to self.

You don’t want to invite people over because everything isn’t “perfect”… You compare other people’s homes to your and think theirs is basically “perfect”… You feel bad because you hired someone to clean your house, even though your best friend’s house is spotless and she cleans it herself and she’s “perfect”…

Well guess what gals?!  You are all wrong.  Nobody is perfect… No house is perfect… Life isn’t perfect.  And if you are waiting to have people over until everything is “perfect”, well, it will never happen.  I was SO uptight as a young, married woman.  I didn’t want people showing up unannounced because I was a full-time college student who didn’t have time to keep her home “perfect.”  And guess what?!  I was wrong for that.

Do you know that NOBODY cares if my house isn’t perfect but me?  I have been to plenty of houses that weren’t perfect and where everything wasn’t in the right spot but it didn’t bother me.  It made me feel at home, at ease.  It’s nice to know that other people are like you, not perfect.

We’ve been remodeling our house for 10 months and the whole time I just tried to embrace it.  People would come over and we’d all sit on the “Chinese” couch and dining room chairs that we drug into the living room.  There was a layer of dust on EVERYTHING and nobody ever seemed to care.  We were just there together to enjoy each other.  I just had to  And you know what?!  I never felt like anybody was judging our “messy situation”… And that was a really good feeling.

These three links really inspired me to want to inspire you gals to not be so hard on yourself.  Give yourself grace.  As a woman, I know how hard we can be on ourselves.

*Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick shared her Un-Tour and I loved it!  She’s really good about “keeping it real” and that’s one of the reasons I truly enjoy her blog.

thrifty decor chick (2)

*The Nester (Myquillyn) is so great about reminding us to give ourselves a break!  Head over to her blog to read her post- Christmas in the Midst of our Mess.

thenester (2)

*And last but not least was an article, 9 Ideas to Let Go of Today to be Happier at Home Next Year, over at Apartment Therapy.  It was SUCH a good read.  Let’s make a pact to be easier on ourselves next year!

So, I’m assuming that you read all of the posts?!  Now it’s time for a quiz!  Ok, I’m just joking but I truly hope that you read each of them and decided to give yourself a little grace.  It’s so easy to forget what this time of year is all about because we get so caught up in trying to be perfect.  How about let’s just be ourselves?!  There’s no better version of you than the true, original one!

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