A List a Mile Long

Are you a list person?  If you know anything about me, you should know by now that I like lists.  I have a daily list of things I need to do… a monthly list… generic lists… vacation lists… grocery lists.  I even have a list for all of my lists.  Ok, I’m exaggerating on that last one, but I wouldn’t put it past me.

My favorite part about making a list is accomplishing the task and then putting a check by it and then crossing it out.  But not too much, because I still like to be able to see what I crossed off the list.  So yeah… maybe I’m a little anal.  You’ll just have to get over it.

I always enjoyed reading John and Sherry’s lists over at Young House Love.  Since there are a million things left to do to the house, I figured why not make a list?!  I love lists!  And then I thought you guys might want to know how much we really have left to go (years worth I think).  So, here goes.  I’ll go room by room and let you know “what’s on the list”…

Laundry room:


 *I’ve accomplished a few things in this room that I haven’t show you yet that aren’t on the list because… well… they’re done.  I promise to show you one of those updates REALLY soon.  It was quick and easy but made a lot of difference!

-Buy and install window treatments

-Install recessed lighting

-Paint inside of back door

-Hang art

-Install floating shelves to the left of window (over washer/dryer)

-Eventually pick out countertop and sink; install

-Look at feasibility of adding a bench or table for added storage and flexibility

-Hang hooks, mail organizer, etc. for organization

-Line shelves in built-in pantry

-Add lighting to built-in pantry

-Paint walk-in pantry

-Buy and install tankless hot water heater in walk-in pantry

-Replace electrical outlets and switches

-Add box to hot and cold water supply lines

-Install air vent

-Buy some groceries 😉



*The kitchen has come a long way since this photo.  There are now cabinet doors, drawers, new hardware, a kitchen sink, and countertops.  J.C. has been working on sealing the butcherblock.  As soon as he is done and I get a chance to catch the kitchen in some good natural light, I’ll do a “middle of the way” kitchen reveal.

-Install backsplash tile

-Add open shelving

-Organize cabinets

-Install recessed lighting

-Install under cabinet lighting

-Install air vent


-Replace electrical outlets and switches

-Put appliances back in

-Hook up dishwasher (the one from our previous home made it out of the fire and matches the rest of our appliances)

Dining Room:


-Build dining room table

-Find chairs for table

-Build banquette for table (with storage and on casters)

-Add art and accessories

-Install recessed lighting (possibly; we need to figure out if this room really needs more light just by living with it the way it is for a while)

-Install air vent

-Add dimmer switch to chandelier

-Replace electrical outlets and switches

Living Room:


*So did I mention that I’m behind on blogging?  Yeah, I haven’t show you an updated version of our living room either.  It looks nothing like the picture above anymore.  It’s painted!  I need to catch it with some good natural light as well!  I’ll get on that ASAP!

-Buy furniture (we have none… like ZILCH!!)

-Buy rug and lamps

-Redo fireplace (we have a few ideas)

-Eventually design and build built-ins on each side of the fireplace

-Install bamboo blinds

-Find, purchase, and install curtains and curtain rods

-Install air vents

-Sand and stain beams

-Add trim around beams

-Add art and accessories

-Create storage and organization (by front door)

-Install recessed lighting

-Replace electrical outlet and switches



*So that last time you saw the hall it probably looked nothing like this.  There was probably lots of paneling and plain wooden doors.  Now there is painted sheetrock (not shown in picture) and 3 new doors.  The door to the left is the front bedroom, the open door on the far left is to our front bathroom, and the painted door straight ahead is to our master suite.  Yeah, I haven’t blogged about that either.  🙂

-Install recessed lighting

-Add art and accessories

-Eventually add wainscoting

-Replace electrical outlet and switches

-Paint doors and add hardware

Front bathroom:


*This room looks the same, at least from this view.  We made an oopss and had to change something up.  But don’t worry… that blog post is coming!

-Install sconces over vanity

-Hang mirrors

-Install vanity and toilet

-Install air vent

-Paint built-ins

-Paint bathroom door (inside and out) and add hardware

-Install, paint, and add hardware to hot water heater closet door

-Buy and install tankless hot water heater

-Add accessories and art

-Have floor and shower tiled

-Have shower glass installed

-Find, buy, and install window treatment


-Replace electrical switch

-Buy toilet paper 🙂

Master bedroom:


*The only things that have change in here since this picture are some switches and outlets; otherwise, the room is the same.

-Make headboard for queen bed

-Buy and install bamboo blinds

-Buy curtain rods and install curtains

-Find and buy nightstands

-Install ceiling fan

-Install recessed lighting

-Install air vents

-Replace electrical outlet and switches

-Organize, accessorize, add art, etc.

-Paint inside of bedroom door

-Install double sliding doors to master closet

Master bathroom:


*My.oh.my how this room has changed since I blogged about it here.  Since then, the flooring has been installed and sealed.  The vanity, toilet, and bathtub are all installed and in working order.  OH YEAH!!! J.C. and I are both very excited.  The queen (myself) has initiated the throne (toilet).  Do you know how hard it is to work on a house without a toilet?  Just use your imagination!  Again, another post coming!

-Install recessed light/vent fan

-Install chandelier over bathtub

-Install pendant lights over vanity

-Install air vents

-Install barn door (it will be on the bedroom side of the bathroom)

-Hang mirror

-Find, buy, and install window treatment (I have no clue what I want to do in here)

-Buy art, accessories


-Light a candle (but don’t burn the house down), run a really hot bath, and relax!  I cannot wait!

P.S.  You are going to FREAK OUT when you see this bathroom!




*Thinking about all of the work that needs to be done outside makes my brain hurt.  Our carport no longer looks like this… but there’s still stuff being stored under there.  Basically we just rearranged all the crap!

-Paint other 2 shutters on front of house

-Stain wood around front door (not noticeable but needs to be done)

-Change colonial columns out on front porch and carport for a more rustic column (probably cedar or cypress beams)

-Paint outside of back door

-Clean, clean, clean then throw away then organize- Lord Have Mercy!

-Eventually paint brick and get new shutters (probably cedar or cypress) to coordinate with new columns

-Finish stripping pump house door (can be seen 1/2 stripped in picture above)

-Install new light in carport (already purchased; it matches the front porch lights)



*Sadly, the patio looks REALLY good in this picture compared to what it looks like right now!  It’s about like the carport… holding grounds for a bunch of junk 🙂

-Clean, throw away, donate, organize (obviously)

-Power wash concrete

-Replace flood light (fixture already purchased)

-Hang cafe lights (already purchased)

-A wholelotta other stuff

Of course every room will also need to wiped down (especially the walls) just to make sure there is no lingering construction dust, etc.  And there’s a guest bedroom, shop, and barn that I didn’t even mention because we’ve barely scratched the surface on those rooms.

I am official worn out from making this list.  And if I was a betting woman, I’d bet at least $1,000,000 dollars that I left 1,000,000 things off of this “master house list.”  I’ll try my best to keep this list updated.  As I check and cross items off the list, I’ll show you the progress!

So, do you like lists?  Or does the thought of a list make you break out in hives?  J.C. doesn’t like lists at all because it normally means I’m trying to make him do a bunch of little tasks (in the order that I see fit).  Speaking of lists, Santa is making his list and checking it twice.  Have you been naughty or nice?  I’ve been good all year long.  🙂

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