A Lazy Bathroom

Hey yo!  What’s happening?  I’m so behind on blogging… we will blame it on my busy schedule.  Is that alright with you guys?  I hope so 🙂

A while back (probably 2 or 3 weeks ago) I got the front bathroom painted.  This room proved to be the easiest to paint.  The main reason is because there aren’t any baseboards, which meant I didn’t have to tape those off and cut-in around them.  Another reason it was easy peasy is because there are built-ins, 2 doors, and a large shower area that didn’t get painted.  That magic will happen later on, when I have a TON of free time.

If you’ll remember, the color we chose for this room is Lazy Gray from Sherwin Williams.  In case you missed our color scheme, just click here And if you haven’t followed this blog for long OR have a bad memory… well, this is what look we are going for in this room.


Not much has changed except #8.  I thought I might want to eventually add glass to the front of the built-ins but I think I’ve change my mind.  Imagine that- HA!  Just like the master bathroom, this room has several posts dedicated to it:

Introducing… Our Front Bathroom

Front Bath Updates and Ideas

Walk-In Ready

White or White?!

And here it is now…






























Well, what do you think of the color?  I really like it.  When I painted the room, it looked a little purple and I freaked out for a minute.  BUT then it dried a bluish gray color and I was smitten.  It’s very “spa” like and relaxing.  Very fresh if I must say so myself!  This room still needs lots of work.  Any help is welcome 🙂

We’ve planned on having the flooring in the rest of the house laid next week and then moving back in.  Please cross your fingers, arms, legs, and eyes that everything works out as planned.  Oh and pray too!  Thanks in advance 🙂

Seeing that this room isn’t finished now, it also won’t be finished when we move back in… but we are okay with that.  As long as we have one working bathroom, we’ll be good.  Then when our tile/flooring guy has another free week to come back, which I’m assuming will be after Christmas, the front bathroom will be completed.

It has been a very long 9-10ish months, but we really love all of the changes that we’ve made and cannot wait to make a connection with this house.  I’m ready for it to become “home”.  You know what I mean?!  The place where you can just go and feel safe and warm.

I’ll be back later on this week with (hopefully) two more exciting posts.  Talk to you then!









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