It Was Just Too Big

Remember when I told you that we had the master bathroom ALL FIGURED OUT?!  If you missed that, just click here.  And guess what?  I lied.  Well, technically I wasn’t lying at the time because we really thought we were going with those plans, but we aren’t anymore.  Are you surprised?  Maybe you shouldn’t be.

It seems like more and more these days we make last minutes changes or decisions and don’t regret it one bit.  Like when I thought it would be a good idea to NOT paint our ceilings plain white… on a whim… very last minute… like I didn’t even hold the paint chip up to the ceiling.  And you know what?  WE love the ceiling color.

I don’t handle change well, so when something changes, especially if it isn’t my idea, I sort of freak.  In this case, it was a group idea and no freaking out occured.  There were a few people in the bathroom and we were telling somebody that we would have a platform for the bathtub.  Like this below…

platform for tub

Yes, I had a professional architect sketch this photo.  Can’t you tell?!  Anyways, we explained what we were going to do with the platform and why.  Do you even remember why we needed that platform?  It’s because we didn’t want to move the plumbing, which is basically “fixed” in the concrete slab.  THEN we stood on each side of the room to see where the platform was going to come out into the room and got really worried… really quick.

It was going to be big… no, really big… no, HUGE!!!  Like taking up half of the room and almost touching the toilet- HUGE!  That wasn’t going to work for us.  And then J.C. said, “we could always just move the drain…”  What.the.heck?!  Months ago he told me that moving the drain wasn’t even an option.  Well guess what?!  It is an option.  And just two or three weekends ago, he and his dad moved the drain.

We knew it would be a messy job, so we taped off the whole room with painters plastic.


And when I say “the whole room” that really just means the walls.  We SO should have taped the ceilings and the floors too.  Hind sight is 20/20, right?!  Anyways, J.C. and I bought a special diamond cutting blade to fit this really ginormous saw that they use at work.  It costs us about $100 but the rest of the project was basically free so it was worth it.

Next he took a Sharpie and sketched out some lines where he would need to make his cuts.


Oh and a quick note!  We knew this would be super messy, seeing that they would be cutting through the concrete, so we opened the window in the bathroom and had a big shop fan pulling the air out.  I was painting the front bathroom (which I haven’t shown you yet) while they were cutting, but I stopped in every few minutes to take photos.


Once he got the lines cut, it was time to start busting the concrete.  If you will notice the floor is a little wet.  We all thought it might be a good idea to mist the concrete while cutting.  There were some sparks flying every once and a while.  They said the water seemed to help some.  Next they took turns slinging a really heavy sledge hammer.  I’m glad I’m not a guy.


And then we had this… a really big mess and a tunnel to move the pipe over.  Yay!


And here it is after I cleaned it up a smidge.  Just in case you are wondering, we had to have some pretty precise measurements from the bathtub (which is hanging out in our shop) to know exactly where to place the drain.  And I asked J.C. to put the drain in the middle of the room.  Does that even make sense?  NO… Ok, it was like 17 inches out from the east wall and in the center of the floor between the north and south walls.  Maybe that clears it up for ya?!

A few days later, J.C. and his friend went out and actually moved the drain over and added new concrete to fill in the hole.  I wasn’t there when they did it, but took an “after” photo.


Ta-Da!  Now we don’t have to add that platform that was going to be the size of Texas and I can still have my dream bathtub, one that leans back on both ends.  Since then, I’ve painted the top half of the bathroom and it looks SO good.  I’ll try to get around to showing that off next week sometime!  The tile man started working yesterday on this bathroom, so things are going to start happening quick!

Here’s a list of some other things that need to be done in this bathroom:

-Paint beadboard (Snowbound by Sherwin Williams)

-Install vanity and hook up plumbing

-Install toilet

-Install bathtub

-Add faucet and handle (the bathtub faucet has been plumped in but not finished)

-Add lighting (there is none in the room right now because we had to move stuff around during sheetrock repair)

-Hang mirror

-Add art

And I’m sure I missed a slew of other things that will need to be done.  It’s really starting to feel real… like we might be back in our house in the next two to three weeks.  I’m excited.  And I always say that… cuz I’m just always SO excited!  I hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your families today!  We all have so so so so so much to be thankful for!


2 thoughts on “It Was Just Too Big

  1. Yayyyy, so glad you didn’t have the huge platform because yo momma would have one more thing to trip over! The bathroom is going to look very nice with the free standing tub just hangin out in the middle of the floor! Happy Thanksgiving! God is so good and He has blessed our family beyond measure! Love, Mom 🙂

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