Gifts for Him

Are guys hard to shop for or are guys hard to shop for?  If all men are like my hubby, they have a pretty big list of things they want/like, but most of those items are so expensive that you would have to sell a major organ or a kid… or both.  I have a feeling that if I have trouble finding the guys in my life inexpensive, quality gifts then you might too.  So, I put together a few things that I thought you could get pick up for Christmas that aren’t your average gifts.

All of the items are under $60 and can be found on Etsy.  If you have never been on Etsy, beware!  It’s overwhelming (in a good way) and fabulous!  For information, pricing, sizes, etc., just click on the picture and it will link you straight to that item 🙂


If there is any man out there that doesn’t like to eat grilled food or actually do the grilling, you may need to get his head checked.  Every guy I know likes one or the other or both.  These rubs are under $20 and would surely make any guy happy.

latlong bracelet

How cool is this bracelet?  I would wear it myself actually.  It has latitude and longitude coordinates on it.  For guys, it would be cool to put their favorite locations, like a football stadium of their favorite team, where you two got married, the town he was born in, where he proposed, etc.  It’s “manly” because of the industrial look and the leather.  If you ask me, I think it would be a very special gift!


My hubby already has one of these.  It’s worn-out, but he really likes it.  I need to get him another one already.  Geez.  Anyways, these leather phone case/wallets are really cool because your phone and wallet are all-in-one.  Guys have a hard enough time keeping up with stuff (sorry dudes) so this makes life a little easier.  It’s only $49, which isn’t a bad price, especially considering it’s a phone case AND a wallet.  Another cool little detail about this gift is that you can have his stamped onto the leather.


This backback is legit!  It’s made of canvas, which is very sturdy.  It also scores in the looks department.  My brother, Wesley, would probably die.  This looks like something he would love.  The price is vary reasonable and I think this backpack would last a very long time!


OMG!!!! I love this watch.  What’s there not to like about it?  It’s just SO fabulous.  I would so wear it myself… and I’m not really a watch person.  I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but this watch is wooden.  Yes, wooden.  How cool, right?!  I can’t even deal.  I just love it.  Nice watches tend to be expensive.  This watch is only $56, which I think is a steal.  Your man NEEDS this watch.

Well ladies, that’s all I’ve got.  What did you think of the gifts?  I obviously liked all of them… because I picked them out 🙂

Hopefully I helped you think of a few gifts that you could pick up for some of the guys in your life.  Leave a comment below to tell me if your guy would like any of these items and if so, which one(s)?




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