White or White?!

Hello!  It’s Thursday and this is the first time I’ve gotten to chat with you all week.  And I didn’t post anything over the weekend.  When I go T.H.A.T. long without posting, I feel like I’m cheating on y’all.  How crazy is that?!  Anyways, I’ve been working my buns off at the house and am done painting.  Of course I still need to paint a few interiors doors and a little beadboard, but as for the walls, they are all painted.  Oh Yeah BABY!

I’m not revealing the whole front bathroom to you just yet, but need some help.  As you’ll see in the photo below, the walls have now been painted Lazy Gray by Sherwin Williams.  In case you missed our color scheme for the whole house, just click here.  The trim is painted Snowbound and the ceilings are Incredible White.  Now I’m wondering what color to paint the built-ins and doors?!?  Right now they have the same creamy, yellow color that they’ve had on them since the 70s.

built ins front bath color help

The picture is a little lack luster because it was 1). cloudy outside and 2). taken with my iPhone.  The question here is… should I paint the built-ins Snowbound or Incredible White?  I know they are both white, so it’s like asking “white or white?”… but they aren’t the same.

If I went with Snowbound, that would be the same color as the crown moulding in the picture.  If I went with Incredible White, they would be the same as the ceilings.  I’m heavily leaning towards Incredible White because it has gray undertones and our tile in the room will be gray.  I think it might tie everything together very nicely.  Leave me a comment below to let me know which color we should go with.

P.S.  Hopefully next time we “chat” it won’t be so short and sweet.  Maybe it will be a long and juicy post… like a soap opera… without all the drama.  🙂

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