Baby Boy Nursery

I know a chick that’s pregnant.  I won’t say her name, but her and her hubby (and their darling child) are pretty special.  She’s due in January.  I overheard them talking the other day and they want the nursery to look two different ways… he said jungle, she said gray, simple, clean.  Well guess what?  I happen to be a wanna-be interior design guru and I can hook peeps up!  I threw together a little moodboard for them to show how you could mix jungle and gray, simple, clean!

moodboardnurserycw copy

Are you getting jungle out of this?  I sure hope so!  The bedding at the top left and blanket at the bottom right are items that she picked out from Target.  So I used those as a launch point.  They also already own a black crib and a glider that are basically identical to the ones in the moodboard, so I knew including those into the plans was a must.  Work with what ya got!

If it were me, I would paint the room a very pale yellow, like the one above, which is Glisten Yellow by Sherwin Williams.  Isn’t it so pretty? It would be very soothing and calming.  And let’s face it… the sun is yellow and the jungle has sunlight so it’s a win-win.

The next thing I added was an overhead light.  It’s simple and timeless.  One that could grow with baby boy.  It’s this one from Home Depot.  Then I decided to add in some accessories and art.  And since we are going for jungle and there are animals on some of the bedding, my mind immediately jumped to… well… animals!

How much do you love that little gray elephant print?  I found it on Etsy and could not resist.  The shop is called StudioQGallery, you must go look at all of her art!  Love it SO much.  I basically need to have a child JUST TO HAVE THAT LITTLE ELEPHANT.  Remember how I said I was dramatic?  I wasn’t lying. 🙂

And last but not least is the little giraffe lamp.  He’s from World Market.  Isn’t he cute?  I love their lighting… and the fact that there are like a gazillion different lamp shades to choose from.  Another win-win!

Obviously, this isn’t everything that would be in a nursery, but I thought it covered a good bit of things.  What do you think?  Do you like it?  It’s simple, sweet, and could easily transition into a toddler and little boy room!  I like it… but I may be just a smidge biased.  And whether or not his nursery looks anything like this, I cannot wait for his arrival!!!

2 thoughts on “Baby Boy Nursery

  1. 1. Its official. Nope not pregnant. But I just hired you for design help when we get a home ^_^ !!! I LOVE YOUR WORK!
    2. Its been a while since Ive looked at your blog (please forgive me) but to make up for that…you are super talented and funny and wish I had a better phone to zoom in 🙂
    3. You guys are just too cute of a couple! Good job on all the hard work you guys put in and are still doing so!
    4. Love you 🙂

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