Some Needed Drama

I’ve been showing off our laundry/mudroom a lot lately.  Why you ask?!  Probably because it is the smallest/easiest room to tackle.  Plus, it’s right inside the back door, so any update is a sight for sore eyes… because the carport is wreck…

Ok, who loves drama?  Not me!  But who loves dramatics?  That would be me!  And if you know me, you are either laughing or smiling because you know it is true, I have a big REALLY BIG flare for the dramatics.  It’s in my blood… can’t help myself.  I was thinking that our laundry room could use a little drama.  Not the bad kind, like baby momma drama.  I’m talking about something very dramatic.

Enter the walk-in pantry door.


Does it look very dramatic to you?  No?  Yeah, I didn’t think so either.  So, I decided that some of my dramatics could rubb off on it 🙂

P.S.  I threw this wider shot in because you have to see the difference in the paint color.  It’s the same paint color… I SWEAR.  I told you that it was a chameleon color, sometimes more gray and then more taupe… always changing!


Ok, let me get back on track here.  One of the first things I did when we moved into this house was paint the inside of the patio door.  I love the way it turned out and the Sealskin paint by Sherwin Williams made such a statement… now all of the other interior doors are also getting a coat of Sealskin, starting with this one!

Here are the supplies that I used:


-Small paint tray

-Foam roller and handle

-1″ angle brush

-Sealskin by Sherwin Williams in the Duration line (semi-gloss finish)

Here’s a close up of the brush I used.  It worked really good just in case you are wondering


I just start by painting the inset parts with a brush and then I roll the other.  Make sure to use the brush with a light hand, otherwise you will have heavy strokes showing through.  Also, you need to paint over the brush marks that get on the rest of the door very quickly, to again, avoid those bad marks.  P.S.  Hope that made sense 🙂


Here it is with almost one complete coat of paint.  The paint covers very well; however, I’m a firm believer in two coats on everything.  I don’t invest in all of that “one coat” hype.  Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!


And here’s a wide view after one coat… you can see where there is some paint missing.


And here’s a nice (sorta blurry) photo of the finished product.  The black door is SO sharp and makes such a statement!


What do you think?  Dramatic much?  I’d say so!  Tell me, have you ever painted a door a dramatic color?  I’m in love and don’t know if I could ever look back.  Another type of door I love is a stained wood door… IF and only IF it’s done right.  You know what I’m saying?!  Leave me a comment below to tell me which door in your house is about to get some much needed drama!



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