The Feasting Room

First off, thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas on my last post… the one about a headboard fabric.  In case you are wondering, most people told me to go with the neutral fabric.  I still need to check with the hubs to see what he thinks.  I hope he can help me out on making that decision.  I’ll cross my fingers.  You cross yours too 🙂

Anyways, we’ve been making a lot of head way in the house.  I don’t want to bombard you with a post that is a million pages long so I’ll be sharing a little at a time.  Today is the feasting room… aka- the dining room.  I CAN.NOT.WAIT to have a meal in this new room… and am also very excited to host family and friends.  But first, let’s travel back in time to see what this room used to look like:


Are you surprised that there’s brown paneling?!  You shouldn’t be.  It was everywhere.  I basically started seeing it in my dreams nightmares.  I was just SO ready for it to feel like us.  And folks, so far, I’ve gotten what I’ve asked for.  Enter our new and improved dining room:


And yes, this is in fact the same exact room.  Doesn’t it look so nice?  I’m itching to decorate, build a dining room table, etc.!  Speaking of, I shared some very “loose” ideas/plans about this room a while back.  Just click here for more info!  And did you notice that those pony walls and spindles are gone?  We accomplished that task a while back, here and here.  But don’t worry or be envious of us and our little dining room situation… this is what it looks like under our carport:


Nice, right?!  And if you zoom in a little bit, there’s a toilet.  You aren’t REALLY renovating/remodeling until there is a toilet in the yard.


There you have it folks! It’s official.  Guess what?  There’s another one on our front porch 🙂

So, what did you think of the renovated dining room?  I’m pretty much smitten.  I’m dreaming of all of the good memories that will be made around a table in that room.  Leave a comment below to tell me if you have a dining room that you actually use.  If you do, is it time for an update or refresh?  Even though it’s just J.C. and me, we still love to eat at the dining room table.  It’s something we both did as kids and still enjoy as adults.  The conversation if just SO good.

P.S.  While I was washing my paint brush out, I ran into this fella (and two of his older brothers).  I have no clue what they are?!  Some sort of giant grasshopper looking bug.  They were HUGE.  I swear as long as my finger… and I have pretty long fingers.  Have you seen any of these little dudes?  What in the world are they?


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