A Moody or Neutral Headboard

We are getting very excited about the thought of moving back into our house.  We haven’t had much of a comfy place in about 8 months.  I’m not complaining, because I’m just happy to be alive; however, it will be nice to have a place of our own again.  Last week, I showed you guys the transformation of our master bedroom.  Doesn’t it already look SSSOOO much better.  A blank slate of sorts.

A while back, I asked you guys what you thought about rugs for our room, showed you some beds we liked, and talked about doors in the sitting areaSeeing that the room is almost ready for furnishings, I need to make some decisions.  One decision that J.C. and I have made is about our bed.  We were given a brand new queen size mattress and box spring set after our house burned.  It’s also proven to be quiet comfy… so we are going to be sleeping on that.  We originally had planned to buy a king, but for now, we are going to use what we have.

An item on the to-do list… a DIY headboard.  We I have been wanting to make one for a few years now.  And what better time than now?  I just have one small issue…… what fabric color should I use?!  I’ve put together two mood boards below with some of the items we will be using in our bedroom.  Two things are for sure, the background color, which happens to be Passive by Sherwin Williams, and the bedding.

Option #1 is a neutral linen headboard:

linen headboard

What do you think?!  I really like how it looks!  I think the neutral linen will be so easy to work with and give us the option to change things up very easily in the future!

Option #2 is a dark gray headboard:

gray headboard

It’s has a very moody look, which I really like as well.  I happen to have bought an extra set of curtain panels while I was at Ikea and that extra “fabric” would work perfect on a new DIY headboard…. but I worry things might get too blue and matchy-matchy.

So, I need your honest opinion.  Which headboard would you go with?!  Neutral and easy going OR dark and moody?  I cannot make up my mind.  Leave me a comment below to tell me what you think!



8 thoughts on “A Moody or Neutral Headboard

  1. The lighter color headboard appeals to me! But they are both pretty! Learn how to make one and you can help me make one in a few months! Lol. Love you, momma

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