Truly Transformed

So, our contractors have been working for 5 weeks and are finishing up today.  I couldn’t be more excited… for more reasons than one.  It means we will actually have a place to call home after 8-9 months.  It also means that this WHOLE weekend I’m having a painting party… and EVERYONE is invited.  Thanks to Christopher Columbus, I’m off on Monday and hope to get a TON of work done this weekend.

Last week, I showed your how our kitchen was shaping up.  It’s changed even more since then.  If you missed that post, just click here.  Talk about truly transformed!  And then today I wanted to show you guys the progress in our master bedroom… a timeline of sorts.  This is what we started with… a photo taken before we moved in actually.


That’s really what I thought of when I thought of this house.  A LOT of paneling and carpet.  Then, we turned two small bedrooms into one and made a very large master bedroom.  Then our contractors arrived and paneling started coming down and sheetrock started going up.  They floated it…



And then primed it.  They also painted the ceiling and ALL of the trim.


And then this chick painted it!  Here’s a half-decent picture of the semi-final “product”!


And a little before and after side-by-side (a little distorted in size but the difference is amazing).

before and after master

In case you are wondering why on God’s green earth we wouldn’t “just paint the paneling”… I discussed that a while back.  For more of an explanation, click hereAnd the color we used in this room is Passive by Sherwin Williams.  I rececntly shared our whole house color scheme as well.

So, what do you think of this transformation?  I would say it is TRULY transformed!  I have painted our whole bedroom and am just waiting to clear the room completely before I take the final “afters”… well there won’t be flooring or furniture or a rug or accessories, but it definitely looks way different.  I’ll also write a post about the product and tools/accessories I used to paint our master bedroom, as well as tips and tricks.  By the way, J.C. and both LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the master bedroom paint turned out!  Look for that post sometime next week!

P.S.  Thanks for staying with me through this journey.  Not having immediate access to the internet and living away from home has made it a little difficult to post as much as I would like.  When I plug that wireless router back in and the contractors leave tomorrow, you better believe I have 1,492,738 projects up my sleeve.  I hope to post SSOOO much that you can’t keep up… until then… I’ll probably be covered in paint 🙂















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