How to Mix It Up

Before I get started… I almost forgot to announce the winners of the 100th Post Giveaway.  The giveaway was (2) one year subscritions to BHG Magazine.  And the winners are… Julie L. and Candace L.!  Congrats Ladies!

Ok, you ready to mix it up?  It’s can be a little scary, but I’m here to hopefully help!  Let’s talk mixing fabrics.  I said just the other day that things, fabrics, etc. don’t have to match, they just have to “go”.  Does that make sense?  If you are choosing three different fabrics for your guest bedroom, they don’t all have to be green.  One can be green and the other two can have a little green in them or just GO with green.  Understand?

I know that mixing different fabrics and especially different prints can be overwhelming, so I put some fabric samples together for you gals (and guys) and I’ll explain why they “go” together.  Directly under each photo I will have links to the fabric swatches.  I’ll go in clockwise order.  All fabric swatches are from

Fabric Mix #1:


 Swatch 1 ~ Swatch 2 ~ Swatch 3

Can you see why these 3 fabrics go together?  First off, the sheer striped fabric (swatch #1) is a good base.  I might use that fabric with the stripes running vertical as a curtain.  Then, I would use swatche #s 2 and 3 as accent pillows on the bed/couch.

Fabric Mix #1 with an extra swatch:


 Swatch 1 ~ Swatch 2 ~ Swatch 3 ~ Swatch 4

Here I used the same swatches as above but threw in an extra fabric.  I know this look wouldn’t be for everyone, but all of the fabrics do go together.  Why?  Because they all have that brownish/gray color in them.  And… I just can’t resist a good animal print!

 Fabric Mix #2:


 Swatch 1 ~ Swatch 2 ~ Swatch 3

This mix leans a little eclectic because I mixed a floral and an animal print… but I like it.  I might use these prints in a dining room.  Swatch #1 would look really pretty used on a valance.  Then I might would use the floral as a cushion on a banquette and the animal print as accent pillows.

Fabric Mix #3:


 Swatch 1 ~ Swatch 2 ~ Swatch 3

I think this mix of fabrics would be lovely in a sunroom… or better yet, a teenage girl’s room.  It’s just so fun and sunny and cheery!  If I had a teenage daughter, I would use swatch #1 on an upholstered headboard, swatch #2 (turned vertically) as curtains, and swatch #3 as accent pillows.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Fabric Mix #3 with an extra swatch:


 Swatch 1 ~ Swatch 2 ~ Swatch 3 ~ Swatch 4

Same mix as above but I added the animal print back in… I couldn’t help myself.  I think it would be really fun on a bench or stool at a makeup vanity in that imaginary teenage girl’s room 🙂

So… do you feel like a fabric mixing pro?  Ok, maybe not after reading one post that an amateur blogger wrote; however, I hope you learned a little bit of info today!  Hopefully the next time you go to the fabric store, you won’t have an anxiety attack.  Just remember the famous words of Rosalind Ross, “It doesn’t have to match, it just have to go.”

One thought on “How to Mix It Up

  1. Yay! Congrats to Candace and Julie as winners of the 100th post giveaway!!! Well I love the fabrics mixed, and yes, I am loosening up a little on mixing stripes with florals and checks with plaids, etc. I used to think the same rules applied to room decor as with clothing your body, but I am unlearning those old principles! I do lean a little to the Bohemian side, so you might just soon see me walking down the street in 4 or 5 different prints! Lol. (You can act like you don’t know me- I’m okay with that) Love you, Mom 🙂

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