Over My Head

So… I feel like I’m in a little over my  head.  But don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious.  I’ve been trying to decide what “overhead” lights I want to use in our living room.  J.C. could probably care less as long as he doesn’t hit his head on them.  Ok, I’ve said the word head about a thousand times in one single paragraph… MUST STOP!

I’ve been scouring the web for… I dunno… 12 months or so trying to decide on lights for our living room.  These bad boys are hanging in there right now:


In all truthfullness, the fixtures could probably be pretty cool.  I think if you painted them black and hung them in a fun teenage girl’s room, it could work; however, in this space they don’t!  They make things looks dated AND they hang down entirely too low.  Like a tall person might hit their head on them.  Yeah, that’s not cool.

So, that led me to look for new lighting.  I knew we would need to look for flush/semi-flush mounts.  These are the ones I’ve finally landed on…

light options

 Option 1 ~ Option 2 ~ Option 3 ~ Option 4

So, those are my options.  I’ll go ahead and say that Option 1 is my favorite, but let’s go over all of them!

Option 1: Through all of the looking that I did, this light is the only one that I found like it.  This light is from Bellacor.  It’s the Designers Fountain Newbury Station Old Satin Brass Three-Light Semi-Flush.  I didn’t see any copy cats or anything similar to it really.  The finish is actually a satin brass, which is pretty cool and not what most people would expect.  I love the Edison bulbs as well.  I feel like this light fixture says “old, but new”… and I really like that about it!

Option 2: This light fixture is pretty cool as well!  I like how there isn’t a lot of visual weight.  It’s the Charleston 13 1/2″ Wide Clear Glass Ceiling Light from Lamps Plus.  The price is actually pretty good and I think it would age well in our home.  And by the way, this is my second pick.

Option 3: Obviously this light fixture is very pretty.  It’s also from Bellacor… the Elk Lighting Diffusion Oil Rubbed Bronze Two Light Flush Mount FixtureThere are two things that are turning me off just a little.  One, the light might end up being a little “fancy” for the space.  And two, the bulbs aren’t easily accessible.

Option 4: The last fixture is from Wayfair.  It’s the Canarm Cooper 3 Light Semi-flush Mount.  I also have a few reservations about this light.  I wonder if it will look a little fancy for the room and I’m not sure I am in love with the globes.  But it’s pretty affordable at only $114.

So, which light fixture do you think we should choose for our living room.  Keep in mind there will be two of them, seperated by a ceiling fan.  Vote below to help us out… we’re in over our heads!



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