Protective Eyewear is Advised

Disclaimer:  You may need protective eyewear while reading this blog post.

It all started last November… the days walls were dark and brown.  One of the contingencies for me to agree to buy this house was to lighten things up a bit.  J.C. agreed!  The house also needed a good bit of updating.  It was built in the 70s and not much had changed since then.

Boy oh boy does it look different now.  The contractors have been working for 3 whole weeks and I swear it looks like a BRAND new house.  You won’t believe the differences you are about to witness.  I’ll go over each photo as we go…

This is the photo that the real estate agent featured online of the kitchen (it’s a little grainy but you can get the “picture”):

Then I took a picture of it before we moved into the house.  As you can see, some things are gone, including lots of furniture, decor, the fridge, etc.:


Here’s another view…


And another…


Then we “had a little work done”.  This consisted of me removing the border around the top, which I did not document because I wasn’t writing this blog.  And then we had the island removed from it’s original position as well as the cabinets that hung over the island.  If you missed those changes, just click here.  As you’ll be able to see in the picture below, it opened up the kitchen A TON…


Then, about two weeks ago, the contractors took down all of the doors, took out the drawers, removed the countertops and sink, and built a base for our new farmhouse sink…


Then they took those old island cabinets and retrofitted them to our existing base cabinets, as well as added a new cabinet and soffit across the top.  It looks like it has always been there.  It’s amazing!  The new/retrofitted cabinets are outlined in red in this next picture:


Isn’t that crazy?!?!  I swear you can’t tell that they weren’t there from the beginning!  Now, this is where you are going to need to put some protective eyewear on… preferably sunglasses…. just sayin’… You are not going to believe it you guys.  Are you ready?!  Are you sure you are ready?!  I don’t think you are ready… Ok, here it is!  Feast your eyes!





Can a sister get an AMEN!!!!!?????? I am so excited.  Have I said that like a thousand times already?  Probably so… but I’m so excited that I don’t even care.  🙂

They have primed and put one coat on the cabinets.  The color that we went with is Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.  I don’t want to say much more or I might ruin this special moment.  Of course, there is going to be some color interjected later on, but we both love the way it looks.  So bright and airy!

I seriously hoped you took heed and put some sunglasses on before looking at the after photos.  What do you think?  Does it look better… or worse?  I can’t wait to see if transform even more.

P.S.  If you missed our kitchen plans, just click here and here

5 thoughts on “Protective Eyewear is Advised

  1. Wow! WOW!!! It certainly lightened and brightened things up! I’m sure y’all are so pleased with the progress so far. Looks amazing 🙂 Love you, Momma

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