Our Color Scheme

I feel like it has been a while since we’ve REALLY talked.  I know I posted once this week, but it was short and sweet and too the point… and not very informative or personal.  We talked money and just to be honest, nobody likes talking money.  Anyways, today I wanted to share with you something that J.C. and I have been scheming… the paint colors for the house.

Just the other day, I talked about how we were A Passive and Agreeable Couple.  We put our heads together and chose the paint color for our master bedroom, as well as the color we would be using in the laundry, kitchen/dining, living, and hall.  The contractors are still working at our place (this makes week 3) and have been priming this past week.  Do you know what that means for us?!?  It was time to nail down all of our paint colors.  We are painting ourselves… well, let me rephrase.  We aren’t painting ourselves…. we are doing the painting ourselves.  🙂

So that paint didn’t have to be bought until they finished; however, Sherwin Williams, which is our go-to paint store, was running a 40% sale and I took full advantage.  In total we saved around $700 in paint!  BOOYAH!  20 gallons later and we are set to paint the whole house, minus the front bedroom/future nursery.  If you’ll remember, we decided to do a wall treatment in there and I have NO earthly idea what that room will look like, nor do I have a paint color picked out.

I went ahead and created a little “color scheme board”, if you will, to let you guys know the paint colors we selected.  Here goes nothing!


How about we go from left to right, top to bottom?  First up, is Passive.


That is the color we will use in our master bedroom.  The computer swatches are never the same as real life, but it’s a grayish color with a small amount of blue.  I love it!

Next up is Agreeable Gray.

agreeable gray

J.C. and I “agreed” on this color for our living room, kitchen/dining room, laundry/mudroom, and hall.  All of these rooms flow from one to another without any doors so we wanted cohesion between all of the spaces and felt that one paint color would help!

Peppercorn will be used on the top half of the walls in our master bathroom (there will be beadboard on the bottom half).

peppercorn final color

It’s funny because J.C. loves fresh cracked pepper… so this color fits us as well.

And the next color is totally opposite from the previous one.  It’s Snowbound!


You can barely see it probably because it’s white.  It isn’t the basic white straight out of the can, but it’s still white.  It will be used on our kitchen cabinets, laundry room and front bathroom cabinets/built-ins, and all of the trim throughout the house.

Back to a dark color… Sealskin!


This color might seem familiar to some of you because I’ve already used it in the house… on the door that’s in the dining room that leads to our patio.  Click here to see it in action.  We’re also painting all of the other interior doors this color, minus the barn doors that will be feature in our bedroom.

For our front bathroom, we are going with Lazy Gray.

lazy gray

I hope this color doesn’t foster laziness.  I don’t know though, I think I could be a little lazy in the bathroom… with a walk-in-shower… and double vanity… Ooopsss!  Sorry you guys.  I just drifted off.  I was in a dream where there was no work left to do on this house.  “Snap out of it Rosalind!!!!!”

The next color is Oyster Bay.

Oyster Bay

Does that name ring a bell?  It should because it’s the color we I used to paint our shutters.  Well, I actually only painted two of them because the other two are hiding behind bushes.  I’ll get to those… eventually!

And last but definitely not least is Incredible White.

incredible white

In the “color scheme board” it’s leaning a little pink; however, it isn’t in real life.  It’s actually the lightest color on the swatch with Agreeable Gray.  We are using this color on our ceilings instead of plain white.  I made that decision on a whim, thinking it would add a little more character to our house.  I sure hope it don’t regret that later on.  Only time will tell!

So, what do you think of our paint colors?  Do you think they mesh well?  Even though I loved our previous home dearly, the paint colors weren’t cohesive… not at all!  I really feel like that all of the paint colors we’ve chosen for this house go together very well.  Like I always tell my sweet mother, “It doesn’t have to match, it just has to go!”  Leave a comment below to tell me what color we should chose for the front bedroom/future nursery.  I’m a little stumped…

P.S.  This is not a paid post from Sherwin Williams.  We just love their paint 🙂



6 thoughts on “Our Color Scheme

  1. I love love LOVE your color scheme! I WANT to do all cool colors, but I have always been a warm color peoson and I’m scared of change! Haha

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