Monthly Merchant: Ann Tee Keys

Hello!  How are my peeps?  I hope you are having a good day 🙂

I starting a new series called Monthly Merchant.  Each month, I will visit a store and take photos of items that catch my eye.  I will give you tips and tricks, if I know any, on how to navigate the store, when to go, etc.  I’ll also share why I like the items that I feature and how/where I might use them.  Since I live in a small town, all of the “merchants” won’t be from here, but I’ll still give you info, addresses, and the sorts.

For the month of September the Monthly Merchant is Ann Tee Keys Furniture.  The store is located in Strong, AR.  The only other things that are in Strong are a metal roof store, furniture store, gas station, and small grocery store.  It’s a very small town; however, Ann Tee Keys is a diamond in the rough.

I’ve purchased a few things from there and have been very pleased with my purchases.  Here are a few things that caught my eye when I was there just the other day with my sweet momma:


This chair caught my eye right off the bat.  I love blue and the lines of this chair are very classic.  As you can see, the cushion looks a little droopy, but I bet if you were to turn it over, it would have “fluffed” back up in no time.  It would also look really nice if you had it recovered.  I couldn’t find a price on it, but I don’t imagine it was too much.  Everything there is priced fairly reasonable.


This little shoe shine kit was very simple, mainly built of 2 by 4s and some scrap wood.  There wasn’t anything special about the construction of the actual caddy, but I felt like it really told a story.  I can just imagine a man building this caddy and then shining his shoes… or maybe other people’s shoes?!  It had really old shoe shine supplies in there.  It was just really cool and priced at $25.


Old wooden chairs like this are a dime a dozen; however, I loved the way they had them hanging on the wall instead of sitting on the floor.  It’s very unconventional and frees up floor space.


This little purple table was so cute and would look lovely in the right space.  It was shoved in a corner behind another piece of furniture so the picture isn’t very good, but I think you can see how charming it is!  I instantly thought of my best friend when I saw this piece because her favorite color is purple.  I couldn’t find a price and didn’t want to bug the lady at the front, but if I’m guessing I bet it was about $75… but that is a wild guess?!


These old rolling pins caught my eye as soon as I turned the corner.  I wonder who used them?  I bet a lot of pie crust was rolled out using these rolling pins.  They were priced really good.  I probably wouldn’t use them for their intended purpose, rather as accents/accessories.


As soon as I saw these stools, I felt like I had seen them before.  And I have!  John and Sherry over at Young House Love bought some stools EXACTLY like these for their kitchen in their second house.  Click here to see them in their fresh, cheery kitchen.  They were priced at $55 each, which is actually good for a stool because they can be pretty pricey brand new.

J.C. and I plan on constructing an island (on casters) that can be moved in and out of the kitchen.  We want it to have seating on one side and I think these might look pretty awesome sitting at that island.  They aren’t too visually heavy because of the slats of wood.  I’ll see if he likes them and then we will go from there.  At that point, they might not even have them anymore… and if they don’t, well, it just wasn’t meant to be 🙂


This dairy cow judging practice chart was THE BOMB!  I know people don’t really say that anymore, but that’s simply how cool this piece was.  I called it a “fabric poster” but am not really sure what it was actually made of.  I kind of reminded me of some wallpapers that I’ve seen, very thick but sort of like paper.  Anyways, I noticed this right before I checked out and asked how much it was.  The cashier said her mother, the store owner, really loved the piece.  She had it priced at $95 hoping nobody would want to buy it at such a high price.  How funny is that?  That sounds like something I would do.  I probably would have given $25 or $30 for it… but not $95.

I bought a very lovely dresser for our master bedroom while I was there.  J.C. and I both LOVE the piece.  It’s solid wood and looks very timeless.  I couldn’t get a good photo of it in the store because the lighting wasn’t so great in that room.  But don’t you guys worry!  I’ll share it with you soon!

So, how did you like Ann Tee Keys?  Do you feel like you just went shopping?  I wanted to leave you guys with their address, phone number, and Facebook page.

Ann Tee Keys

9590 Hwy 82 W, Strong, AR

Click here to find them on Facebook

Oh and by the way… when you head over there for a little shopping trip, call me first and we will go together 🙂




3 thoughts on “Monthly Merchant: Ann Tee Keys

  1. I love all of your finds! (Especially the purple desk 😉 hehe, I just LOVE the color purple!) we definitely have to make a trip there together and have some fun!

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