A Passive and Agreeable Couple

So, apparently the hubs and I get along pretty well.  Let me back up just a smidge so that you can get up to speed.  We aren’t living at home right now because all of THIS is going on!  Yay!  J.C., my husband, mentioned that we need to nail down some paint colors.  Well guess what?  I’m not the greatest at the task and it actually makes me want to bite my nails… says the girl who has never bit her nails.

Ugh, paint colors are so hard and kind of a HUGE deal.  I know that it can always be painted over if you don’t like it, but have you priced paint lately?!  Ain’t nobody got time to paint the whole house the wrong color then decide they don’t like it and paint it again.  That’s madness.  I mean, I’m not against painting the walls every so often, for an update or refresh, but not every five seconds.

So, we knew that our choice of paint colors needed to be spot on.  I whipped out my fan deck of color samples from Sherwin Williams and picked some colors that seemed nice.  Then I held all of them up to our fresh, new sheetrock walls.  Some of them almost looked pink.  Those were out immediatley.  A few others felt a little cold.  No bueno.  Even though brown is a neutral, I don’t love a neutral paint color with a strong brown undertone.  It just isn’t my jam… so any that leaned heavily toward brown had to go too!

I borrowed the hubby for a minute and asked him which wall color he liked the most… I had already decided my favorite but didn’t say anything.  And which one did he choose?  My favorite! Yay!!!!!  And that color happens to be:

agreeable gray

Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams.  Now, isn’t that funny?  J.C. and I agreed on Agreeable Gray.  How about that?  Oh and by the way, this color will be in the following rooms:

-Laundry room


-Living room


The reason we are going with the same color in all.of.these.rooms is because they are all joined together… sort of.  They flow together nicely and we don’t want to mess that up with 10 million different paint colors.  Ya get what I mean?  Here are a few spaces from Houzz that feature Agreeable Gray.

It looks lovely in this bathroom and sort of leans towards gray.

In the dining room, it looks so pretty and serves as a wonderful neutral backdrop, even though it looks more beigey.

In this kitchen, it kind of looks gray and beige, so we will call it greige!

I love a color that looks different at all times of the day.  I can’t wait to see it on our walls.  And I know that most designers would say to paint last, but I’m breaking the rules.  We want the painting to be done when we move back in, so it’s happening… not last.

The other room needing a “nailed down” paint color was our master bedroom.  I kind of knew which direction I wanted to go in there but was still too scared to commit on my own.  I narrowed it down to these two and then let J.C. decide from there:

gray screen

Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams


Passive by Sherwin Williams

There might not be much difference in the pictures, but there definitly was in the paint swatches.  J.C. chose Passive.  So, based on the names of our paint colors, I think this means that neither of us like confrontation or disagreements 🙂

Here are a few rooms, also from Houzz, to show you how it looks in action.

Isn’t it so calm and soothing?  A little gray with a hint of blue!  I love it!

It looks so lovely in this home gym, but leans toward the gray side a little more.

So, what do you think of our choices.  I’m going to buy a sample pot of each and put it on the walls when they are ready… just to be 100% sure.  Have you painted any rooms in your house lately?  Was it hard to narrow down your choices?  Did you husband or wife help?  I’m sure glad my man helped me!



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