#Projectsheetrock 2.0

I really only have 1 word: WOW!!! Our contractors started working last Friday and the house is already looking so good!  The main thing they’ve been working on is the sheetrock.  J.C., my wonderful hubby, hung most of it while we still lived in the house.  If you missed the first #Projectsheetrock post, just click here.  Since we had to live in the house, we just couldn’t work around everything to get all of the sheetrock hung ourselves.

We “officially” moved out last Thursday and that allowed them to start hanging and floating.  The room that looks the most different (and SO awesome) is our master bedroom.  When I walked in on Saturday morning to see the progress they had made, I seriously could not quit smiling.  It looks so good you guys.  Our walk-in master closet now has walls, which is super helpful 🙂  It also gives us a feel for how much room we have to work with and all.  Need to start planning the design of the master closet- STAT!

Since I’ve been teasing you for the last couple of minutes, telling you how AMAZING the place is looking, would you like to see some photos?  Here are some before and after photos of different spaces:





Big difference, don’t you think?  If you’ve forgotten, that’s our master closet wall.  We took two very small bedrooms, turned them into one big bedroom, and added an appropriate size closet for a diva… I mean a modern day couple 🙂





Yeah, that’s one of the living room walls.  This is the entry of our home.  In case you missed when we installed that gorgeous door, head on over to this post to check out all of the action.

And I don’t want to spoil everything all in one post, so I will stop here.  Do you see what I mean by “oh my goodness…. this place looks drastically different!?!”  From what I’ve gathered, most of the sheetrock hanging is done.  They just need to continue floating/finishing.  They’ve also started to hang our trim around the top and bottom.  So, leave me a comment below to let me know if you prefer the befores or the afters.  I have a feeling I know which one your going to go with…

P.S.  May we never forget the fallen from 9-11-01.  I still can never really wrap my mind around the tragic events that took place that day.  God be with the families and friends of the ones that have gone before us.





3 thoughts on “#Projectsheetrock 2.0

    • The corners are not going to be rounded off. They actually make metal pieces that go over the corners that are then mudded over. You don’t know they’re there but they protect the corners and keep them from getting so banged up.

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