A New Name and a Favor

Has anybody noticed anything different about the blog?  Perhaps the name?!  Yeppers, the URL to this blog is now http://www.rsquaredinteriors.com

If you happen to type in http://www.rsquaredinteriors.wordpress.com, it will still lead you to this site, but I’m not sure for how long?!  I also added a few new features that I wanted to show you 🙂

blog screenshot

See those red arrows?  The top one is pointing at the search box feature.  If you are looking for a particular topic or post, just type it into the search box and it will give you some options.  For example, I typed in the word “paint” and it gave me some suggested posts to look at that featured the word “paint.”

paint search

Pretty cool huh?!  And the other newest feature is my Instagram feed.  It shows the last three photos that I posted to Instagram.  If you haven’t followed me yet, my username is jcrhross.

And now I have a favor to asks you guys.  If you have Facebook, I would love for you to invite your friends to like my page, R Squared Interiors.  I would “suggest” that you might invite friends that would be interested in actually reading a home/DIY blog.  Here’s a picture to show you how to invite your friends:

facebook snip

The box that’s surrounded by the red rectangle is where you will find this feature.  If says, “Invite your friend to like R Squared Interiors.”  You can then click “See All Friends.”  From there it will let you choose who you would like to invite.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, that’s perfectly fine.  I’ll understand.

Ok, well, I better go.  I have more packing and moving to do.  Leave me a comment below to let me know if you realized there were new features to the blog.  I’ll see who’s observant and who’s oblivious 🙂


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