We’re Moving

I know you are probably really shocked about this but it’s the truth.  We are definitely moving, from one bedroom to another anyways 🙂

Sorry if anybody suffered a small heart attack just now because you thought we were moving to another house.  I really like to trick people.  Write that down for future reference.

But truthfully, we are kind of moving out for a while.  We started out in one bedroom, moved to another bedroom, and now we’re about to move back to the bedroom we were in… Are you royally confused yet?  Good!  (After I spend the next couple of days packing up our house, we will be THAT MUCH CLOSER to moving out of this house and in with family.  While we’re gone, a lot of things will take place and I’m very excited!

– The rest of the sheetrock will be hung

– Both bathrooms will be tiled and plumbing will be put in all the right spots

(Front bathroom plans)


(Master bathroom plans)

bathback moodboard copy

– The walk-in shower will be constructed and tiled

– The kitchen cabinets will go from stained wood to beautiful and white!!!

– No more paneling will exist

(Bye bye paneling 🙂 )


– All of the sheetrock will be floated

– All of the popcorn ceilings will be scraped

– Hardwood flooring will be installed

I’m sure there are a few things that I’m missing and I’m sorry for the lack of very many pictures, but I wanted you guys to know.  I really hope to keep posting 3 to 5 days a week the next couple of weeks!  I love blogging and enjoy writing posts but won’t have as much access to wireless internet.  Also, I won’t be living at our current house to do any projects, etc.  I will take plenty of progress pictures as work transpires and definitely keep you guys updated!

Passengers, please fasten your seat belt.  If the ride gets bumpy, put on your oxygen mask and breath slowly.  It’s going to be a wild ride and I promise to keep you in the know!

2 thoughts on “We’re Moving

  1. Ok, don’t wear yourselves out any more than you already are!!! Good luck with it all and God bless! Love ya, Mom 🙂

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