Wallpaper Down

In the last six months or so, I’ve come across a lot of wallpaper.  It’s truly a love/hate relationship.  I have “strongly disliked” the wallpaper but kind of loved taking it down!

Let me back up just a smidge.  I’ve removed wallpaper in our house in three different rooms, two bathrooms and a border in the kitchen.  I started almost as soon as our old home burned and we moved into our new house.  It’s very gratifying yet can be VERY frustrating.  I didn’t have a wallpaper steamer and quickly realized I needed one… STAT!!!

I looked into renting one for $75 for three days.  I asked J.C. if I could rent it for a few days.  He then asked me, “How much will it cost?”  Uhm… $75.  “Well babe, how much does it cost to buy one?”  Duh, Rosalind.  I hadn’t even really thought of that.  I just assumed it would cost a lot.  I was wrong.  I hopped on over to Home Depot and found this bad boy:


wallpaper steamer

This dude came in at $50.00 and receives 83 five star ratings!  I was sold.  It came in and I went to town on our two bathrooms and kitchen border.  That was before I started this blog so I don’t have any photos of the process itself.  But let me tell you what… the wallpaper melts off of the walls like butter when you use this steamer.

When we purchased our Etheridge house, I noticed some wallpaper in a couple different places- the kitchen (a border that was almost identical to our kitchen), the avocado bathroom, and the dining room.  And none of it was fab… it had to go.

I went over there just the other day after work and got started on the kitchen border and dining room.  Here were my supplies:


Aren’t those floors lovely and gross?!  Anyways, I used rubber gloves and a steamer.  I didn’t really need the scraper knife thingamabob… but I brought it just in case.

The steamer needs to be filled up with water to the fill line.  It then takes about 15 minutes for it to start spitting and sputtering and ACTUALLY producing steam.  If you strip wallpaper with a steamer, please promise me one thing.  You have to wear gloves.  That water is very hot and will scald you.  If you don’t believe, you can look in the bottom of the steamer and notice there is an element in there… like a stove or oven element.  Yeah, scalding would be a good word for how hot it really is 🙂


That’s me being safe and responsible!  J.C. decided to swing by on his way home from work and he was very helpful.  There were three layers of the wallpaper and the top layer wasn’t really a thin paper.  It was more like wall fabric… kind of like grass cloth or something.  He went to town on that stuff and ripped it down.  While he did that, I followed behind with the steamer where it was needed.


And the end result…


And our pile of sCRAPs…


Since J.C. and his huge biceps were there to help me rip down that top layer, it only took us about an hour.  But now we need to figure out what we’re going to do to fix the places that we messed up:


All those darker brown spots that are surrounded in red is where the wallpaper ripped off the drywall paper.  That’s no bueno.  It can be skimmed and repaired or we could put more wallpaper up.  I’m heavily leaning towards skim coating it.  I’ve never ventured into that but have seen Ugly Duckling House and Young House Love do it.  I figure if they can do it, I can too.

Do any of you have experience in drywall repair after ripping off three sheets of wallpaper?  I need some advice or helping hands… either one (or both) will work.  After we get done with the repair, I’ll give you guys an update.  Until then, send me well wishes 🙂



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