My Ikea Finds

Hey y’all!  I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve talked.  I have been traveling for work for the past two weeks and I’m about give out.  Don’t lose hope though.  I’m still blogging… not sure that anybody cares though 🙂

Anyways, while I was in the great state of Texas, my hotel happened to be located less than 1 mile from IKEA!!!! Did you hear what I said?  IKEA!!! A woman’s dream and a man’s nightmare.  Ok, not really… there were lots of men there.  I even talked to J.C. on the phone for a minute while I was in there and told him that I thought he would have really liked it.  A coworker/friend of mine was with me during the shopping trip, so I didn’t bring my camera.  I don’t want my blog to trump everything.  I mean, it would have been nice to take a bunch of pictures and write a big, long post about every item I wanted… but that would have been rude of me to wag her around the store for like a gazillion hours taking pictures.  So, I didn’t.

Anyways, we both found some really nice things that we actually needed.  I wanted to give you just a few tips from the things I learned in my one trip to Ikea.

1.  Wear comfy shoes

2.  Take a bottled water or drink

3.  Go ahead and grab one of their magazines to take home

4.  A pen/pencil, paper, and small tape measure would probably be helpful

5.  Take a nap before you go 🙂 That place is HUGE

6.  Have fun and keep an open mind

I was so torn between these two duvet covers but ended up going with the latter (the plain white):

(As always, click on the picture for more info, pricing, sizes, etc.)

duvet option1

duvet option 2

I loved both of them and the one with the gray stripes made my heart go pitter patter; however, I knew that in the long run I could do more with the plain white AND bleach it if needed.  Double plus.  Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants but then the head has to intervene.  I loved the other one that I left behind, but the plain white makes more sense for our needs.  Oh, did I mention it was for our guest bedroom?  Yeah, it is.  I also bought a lightweight, 4 season comforter to go in the duvet cover.  It’s the one that the little saleslady suggested.  They all seemed the same to me and the price was really good, so I went ahead and picked that up as well…. and put it in my buggy.  It cannot find it online.  I think she said it was new?!  So maybe it’s in stores but not online yet?  I dunno.

Next up, my curtains!  I mentioned in this post that I was looking at a few different fabric samples for curtains.  The fabric alone was going to run me around $220… and that didn’t even include having the curtains made.  Lord knows I don’t sew and sho nuff didn’t want no janky curtains!  We wandered into the curtain section and got lost, in a good way.  Both my friend and I got our curtains for next to nothing.  Have I ever mentioned that I’m pretty picky about curtains?!  I’m pretty sure I told you guys about my curtain weirdness in this post.  It takes a lot to meet my standards.  The ones I ended up purchashing definitely fit the bill:

ritva curtains

The gray ones 🙂

Online, it shows them being $34.99 a pair, which is still SSSSOOOOOO cheap for curtains; however, they were $24.99 a pair when we were there.  So, I got all of my curtains for our master bedroom for $75.00 (I accidentally bought two extra panels, so really it was only $50).  Way cheaper than I ever thought.  And they look just like what I’ve been looking for… well… for months.  I still cannot believe I got my curtains for just $50 ($25 for each bedroom window).  It’s just insane, but so am I, so it’s all good in the neighborhood.

The other two things I picked up were purely because I wanted them, not really necessities.  These babies were $1.99 and so cute and I just couldn’t pass them up:

plant pot ikea

Why not, right?!  And the other thing(s) that I just had to have:

ikea prints

It’s kind of hard to tell, but these are prints.  And guess what?  I drove off with them on the top of the company car and they are long gone… somewhere far away in Texas.  Boo Hoo!  At least they weren’t astronomically expensive.  The fact that they were cheap does make it hurt a little less, but I’m still sad.  I couldn’t WAIT to hang these in our guest bedroom.  Not.gonna.happen!  Oh well, life will go on without those two little prints.  It will be hard, but I think we can make it work 🙂

Well, that’s it folks.  I seriously could have purchased one of everything in the store.  I just didn’t have enough time, money, or extra room in the trunk.  Have you ever shopped at Ikea? It is SO cool there!  You just have to go to know!







3 thoughts on “My Ikea Finds

  1. Well I do care if you blog so keep them comin’! And you know you got it from your momma about driving off with stuff on the roof of your car 😦 Hate you lost them like that! But I like your curtains and comforter! Love ya 🙂

  2. That is definitely a mrs. Julie move there Ros! Driving off with them on top of your car!? Haha, but good news! You can save 15% or more on your car insurance by switching to….. Ok…. Really….. Good news… I know an artist who could probably replicate those prints to a T…. Just saying…

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