A Closet Fit For Royalty

Since I’m the queen and J.C. is the king (of this household), we need a master closet fit for royalty.  Before we moved into our new house, the “not-so-masterly” master bedroom was lacking in a few departments.  Roominess and closet space… double negative.  So, we decided to alter the room and make it more of our own.

By taking two bedrooms that were side by side and joining them, we gained a larger bedroom and added a master closet.  Well, the closet doesn’t actually exist yet… just the framing.


You see that stud wall in the construction zone… I mean our future bedroom?!?  Yeah, the space beyond the stud wall will be our master closet.  It’s very sizable.  I can’t wait to plan out the closet.  Well, actually… I think I can wait.  There are SO many options and I don’t know which one to pick.

I do know some things that I do and don’t want.  So, here she goes:


-standard length hanging space for blouses/shirts

-long hanging space for dresses, long skirts, jackets, and slacks

-shelves to store folded blue jeans

-cubbies and/or shelves for baskets, which might hold scarves, pantyhose, leggings, socks, bags, etc.

-ample shoe storage, possibly closed (to hide dirty shoes) 🙂

-tall shoe storage for work and winter boots

-light and airy


-dark and scary

-wasted space

-wasted space

-wasted space

Yeah, so I can’t think of anything that I absolutely don’t want other than wasted space.  We had a lot of space in our last closet that I felt wasn’t utilized well.  Now’s my second chance… and here a few inspiration photos, which are all from Houzz.  I’ll share what I do and don’t like about each space below the picture.

I love love love how they utilized that corner.  Corners normally get wasted in a closet like this, but they used it for longer clothing articles, which is one of my wants.  On the other hand, I feel like there is a little space below the blouses on the bottom row and the floor that could have been utilized better.

They utilized every single square inch of this closet.  Even though the shape isn’t the same as our closet, we could definitely use some of the same concepts.  For example, those “cubbies” that they created are so great for sweaters, jeans, etc.!  I’m not sure, but the shoe shelves look like they slide out, which would be so fab.  Can you spy what I don’t like?  There boots are sitting on the floor.  No Bueno.  They should have created a space for those beauties.

Do you see that shoe storage?!?!?!?!  I mean, they used every square inch around the inside of that door to house shoes.  This girl loves shoes; therefore, I love this photo.

I’m sure there are many other aspects that I’m missing but I really just don’t know where to get started.  Can you guys help me out?  Does anybody out there have a walk-in closet?  Anything we should keep in mind?  Should or shouldn’t do?  Please leave a comment below letting us know what direction we should take in our master closet!


3 thoughts on “A Closet Fit For Royalty

  1. Aunt Pam lined two walls in her Clinton house with cedar planks, purchased at Lowes. It smells really good and provides protection from moths damaging clothes. I’d like to do that to a closet 🙂

  2. Great idea about the cedar! Keeps everything smelling fresh! But it is dark and gloomy 😦 maybe it could be incorporated on the walls with double shelves, where you would mainly be seeing clothes anyways! That smell is something to have to sacrifice something for! Gotta have fresh smelling clothes 😉 that last picture looks like a department store with those shelves of shoes! Haha! U know me…. I have about three pairs of shoes that I wear! 🙂

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