Oyster Bay

Do you like oysters?  I don’t!  They are slimy and not my thing; however, this post isn’t even about oysters.  You probably already figured that out, huh?  It’s about Oyster Bay, which is a paint color from Sherwin Williams.  Can you guess what I’ve been painting?  I talked about painting our shutters here and threw out some different color options.

Guess what?  I didn’t go with any of the options I showed you guys.  I decided to run drive to our local Sherwin Williams to pick up a few options.  The swatches consisted of greens, taupes, and rusts.  I quickly narrowed it down to the greens.  The rusty colors were just TOO much and the taupe colors were TOO blah.  I love green and so does J.C., so I wasn’t shocked to have narrowed it down to that color family.  My two final colors were:

Halcyon Green

Halcyon Green

and Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay

(The swatches aren’t much different on a computer screen but were in real life).

The Halcyon Green had a little too much blue in it and I liked the name Oyster Bay.  SOLD!  Back in May, right before I left for Cali, I cleaned a small part of one shutter and slapped some paint on.  When J.C. got home from work, I showed him and he really liked it.  SCORE!  So, when I got back in town, It was time to get to work on the shutters.

They definitely needed a bath before they could be painted, so I grabbed the proper supplies.

– Soap

– Scrub brush

– Water hose

– Bucket

– Paint

– Paintbrush




After a good scrubbing, it was time to get down to business.  The trick to painting these shutters was the brushes that I used.  Since the “slats” were thin and so were the edges, a narrow brush helped out a lot.


I also chose a quality paint line from my local Sherwin Williams, which is where we buy all of our paint.  I know it’s more expensive than some other places, but you get what you pay for.  I went with the Resilience line, which is what they suggested for exterior plastic shutters.  It says it is resistant to moisture, so that’s a huge plus in my book!


Also, before you start painting, make sure to mix your paint very well.  Don’t shake it, as that causes air bubbles to form in your paint.  I know from experience.  I couldn’t find a paint stick, so I used a disposable knife.  After getting my paint ready, it was time to get it on those cream shutters!  I have no hard feelings against cream, except that it is a little boring for shutters!

I tried to find the best way to paint the shutters to avoid extra work or visible brush strokes after drying.  The key was to get in the nooks and crannies first and then paint the horizontal and vertical pieces.


You see how I have my brush in the corner?  I did that on both sides on every “rung” and then hit the whole thing with a wider brush.  After that, I grabbed my small brush again and hit the vertical “trim” pieces.  I sure hope that some of this is making sense.  Here’s a few comparison pics for you that show the difference between the cream and the Oyster Bay.



Awesome or awesome!?!  I love calming earth tones and I think the green really lends a hand to nature.  I had a hard time capturing the green with my camera, but here they are finished.


And now a bunch of photos…




Sunshine was feeling very photogenic!  And if you zoom out a little more…


The truth comes out and you find out that I’m not totally done with this project.  Go ahead.  Call me a fraud.  The real reason I didn’t paint the outer shutters is because there are prickly holly bushes right in front of them.  We are going to change some of the landscaping up a bit.  So, I figured when we got around to that, I would paint the other shutters.  Then I won’t have to get poked by sharp needles in my rear end the whole time I’m painting 🙂


I like the Oyster Bay a whole lot better!  This little DIY, though I’m not completely finished, only cost $30.  The paint was $22 and the brushes were $8.  I get to use the brushes again and again, so really it only cost $22.  Not a bad update for a little money, huh?  That’s what I thought anyways 🙂

As mentioned above, we aren’t done with updates to the front of the house.  So far we have:

Replaced the front door

Installed new lights

-Partially painted shutters

Next up will hopefully be:

-Landscaping changes

-Column updates

-Front porch accessories and furniture

Until then, I’ll enjoy my 4 painted shutters!  So, do you guys have any questions?  Do you have shutters?  Have you ever thought of painting them to update the exterior of your home?  You should try it!



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