A Gender Neutral Nursery

If I could have any job in the whole wide world, it might be a nursery designer.  There are always babies being born and I LOVE a good nursery!  I also love to put together mood boards of nurseries.  I swear I could do it all day long.  But, since I live in a smaller town, there isn’t a big demand for a “nursery designer.”  So, I’m still a Marketer by day and a blogger by night 🙂

If I haven’t already said it before, I love babies.  And maybe that’s why I love putting together nurseries.  My personal preference for nurseries is really “girly” for little girls and very “boyish” for baby boys; however, it seems that the majority of people these days like a “gender neutral” nursery.  It makes total sense.  You can use it over and over again for all of your babies!

I decided I would throw together a cute little nursery that would come in at just over $1000.  That seems like a little much, but when you think about it, everything can grow with the child except for the crib.  I didn’t include a rocker or glider because those alone usually costs a lot of money, but everything else “big” is included.  I will share the mood board, then give you a cost breakdown of each item, as well as explain why I chose each piece.  Hang on folks, it’s gonna be a WILD ride!

nursery moodboard

So, what do you think?  I love it!  It just seems SO cheery and happy.  I think that it is very gender neutral and classic.  What do you think?  Let’s get to the details and budget breakdown.  FYI- Just as usual, click on the pictures for more info, sizes, prices, etc.

I knew that the rug, dresser, and crib would cost the most, so I picked those out first.

yellow crib JL amazon

This Jenny Lind crib is SO classic and will look good for years to come.  I found this one on Amazon for $249.00 and it converts to a toddler bed which is a huge plus.  Isn’t the yellow so sweet and fun at the same time?!  It’s called Sunshine, which I just love.

hemnes ikea dresser

I chose this dresser for a few different reasons.  For one, it’s very reasonable, coming in at just $229.00.  I have seen so many people use this dresser.  Check it out in brown/black over on Katie’s blog, Bower Power.  She’s one of my favs!  Another reason I love it is because of all the space.  8 drawers?!  Oh yeah baby!  And wouldn’t it be cute to change up the knobs… maybe to something like these?

green pull nursery

Or maybe these…

dotted pull nursery

So fun and an easy DIY update for little money!

wayfair rug

I would LOVE this rug in any room of our house, but it’s perfect for this nursery because it is neutral and will hide stains.  I don’t know anything about nurseries from experience because we don’t have kids yet, but I’ve seen them before.  Let’s just say they get dirty 🙂

Now that I have the costly items out of the way, let’s get to the accessories and fun “stuff!”

driftwood chandi WM

I mentioned in this post the other day that I would love to use this in our home someday, so I figured why not put it in this nursery?!  It has a woodsy flair and a very natural element.  It could also grow with the child because it isn’t childish looking.  And for $169.99, if it lasted you 18 years, that would only be $9.44 a year 🙂

fabric for crib

This bicycle fabric is so adorable and would work perfect for crib fabric. Either the sheet or the comforter.  Is that what you call the top piece?  I’m not really sure.  Do babies have comforters?  Anyways, I think you get my drift.  It’s kind of expensive at $20.98/yard, but you would only need a yard or two at the most.

curtain fabric nursery

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like heavily patterned curtains, but I really thought this fabric would compliment the bicycle fabric as well as the yellow crib.  It is very affordable at $6.98 a yard.  If you had 8 foot ceiling and wanted to do curtains from floor to ceiling, you would need 6 yards at most.

giraffe lamp world market

I just love animals for nurseries.  There’s something so sweet and innocent about animals in a nursery.  This little giraffe lamp would seal the deal for me!

rabbit with huge ears nursery

Speaking of animals… what do you think of the bunny rabbit with HUGE ears?  I couldn’t pass him up.  This print can be ordered in different sizes, so it could be used as an accent or a real statement piece, depending on how large you get it.

And now for the full budget breakdown:

-Crib: $249.00

-Dresser: $229.00

-Rug: $249.00 (for a 5′ by 8′)

-Chandelier: $169.99

-Bike fabric: $41.96 (for 2 yards)

-Curtain fabric: $41.88 (for 6 yards)

-Giraffe lamp: $24.99

-Bunny art: $24.99 (12″ by 16″ print)

Total: $1030.81

The knobs would be extra and you would have to find a seamstress to help you out with the curtains and crib bedding if you weren’t comfortable with sewing yourself.

I had so much fun putting this little space together!  I hope you liked it!  Leave me a comment below to tell me if this nursery is your style.






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