You Just Got Lit Up

If you can name that line, then we must like the same t.v. shows.  🙂  Anyways, I mentioned that we were going to replace our front porch lights before too long.  It happened!  Done and done!  It was super simple and looks SO much better.

I had plans to use different lights; however, when I found these on sale for such a good price, I pounced.


J.C. loved them, which I was glad of.  I don’t think I could have sent them back.  I was already too deep in love.  This project took us less than an hour and was totally free (other than the price of the lights).  The lights came with mounting brackets, wire nuts, and screws.  We needed a screwdriver and some electrical tape.  I think every American has a screwdriver in their home and electrical tape is SO cheap.  So, if you didn’t have those items on hand, it would still be very inexpensive.

First up, the culprits that were being replaced.


Yeah, it’s actually a motion light kit plugged into an old light fixture.  That’s why it looks so strange.  The old light fixtures weren’t all that bad without the motion light kit attached; however, they were a little small in proportion to our FAB door and all.  They also had some pretty rusty spots, so they had to go.


See what I mean?  They may have been original to the house?!  Not really sure, but if that’s so, they were like almost 40 years old.  I’d say it was definitely time for an update.  Don’t you?

First up, we turned off the lights.  I asked J.C. if we needed to shut off the breaker and he said no.  He’s pretty sharp when it comes to electricity and told me that you always need to turn off a breaker when wiring up an outlet, but not necessarily a light fixture.  You could always err on the safe side and turn the breaker off.

Next up, we took down the old lights piece by piece.


It took no time at all and absolutely no skill.  Seriously, very easy.  We decided to use the mounting brackets that was there but used the screws that were sent with the light fixtures; otherwise, the lights might not have stayed in place.


I hope that makes sense… Anyways, I was J.C.’s helper for the most part.  The white wires were connected to the corresponding white wires and so were the black.  Like I said before, this was child’s play.


Once everything was wired up correctly, it was time to attach the fixtures to the brick.  We did this by sliding the fixture over the screws and then screwing on these little round covers.  This holds everything in place.


Next up we added the shade and then the light bulb.



Flipped the switch and voila.




And a before for good measure!

How easy was that?  Almost a little too easy.  We both love the way they look and the fact that they have open lighting.  There won’t be any dismantaling to change the light bulb.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

So, have you got any old light fixtures outside that are rusted out or just not your style?  You have NO excuse but to change them out.  Now you know how easy and cheap it really is to make a nice and shiney update.

P.S.  I intentionally shot all of these pictures very close because we have something else transpiring on the front of the house that I will share with you guys later on this week.  So excited!  Can’t wait!






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