An Urban Sale

Ya’ll, this post wasn’t my plan, but oh well!  Sometimes things are better unplanned.  I like doing things sometimes that are spontaneous.  It’s just so freeing!  I happen to mosey on over to Urban Outfitters and sifted thru their sale items.  I wasn’t looking for anything particular, just window shopping.  And I just HAPPEN to run across this…

greenpendant OU

HELLO!  And just take a wild guess at how much it might be now that it’s on sale.  I’ll give you a minute to think.  You ready?!  $29.99.  That is so cheap it’s just wrong.  They were originally $99.99!  I wanted to show you guys how fab these industrial lights can be.  So, I RAN over to Houzz and found you some spaces that feature fixtures almost exactly like this one!

Do you see what I mean?  These spaces are so great and this light fixture could possibly make or beak YOUR space.  So, head on over and get one or two or ten… just whatever.  Oh and one more thing, remember this mail organizer/magazine holder that I bought for our laundry/mudroom?

mag rack UO

Yeah, it’s on sale for $19.99.  It was originally $49.00.  You NEED it!  I have one and it’s very nice.  (Those are the exact words you tell your husband.  “Honey, I NEED this.  Rosalind has one and she said it’s so nice.  AND it’s on sale.”)  Talk at you guys gals later!  Happy shopping!


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