Expandable Bamboo

So… have you ever heard of expandable bamboo?  It’s a real thing.  I promise.  I bought some of it recently and it’s SO fab!  Wanna know more?  I was given a Container Store gift card and decided it was time to spend it!  I wanted to make sure that I got a good bang for my buck.  Something that was useful.  Since our house burned, we don’t necessarily have a lot of items… useful is good!

I knew that I was very unhappy with my silverware drawer.  I had some of those plastic silverware trays and it just wasn’t working for me.  It’s not that I didn’t like them… they were just ALL wrong for our kitchen drawers.  Our drawers are unfortunately very shallow but surprisingly very deep.  I’m still no sure if I like them or not, but I’m working with what we’ve got.

Every time I opened the silverware drawer, the heaviness of the silverware would slide that cheap, plastic silverware tray ALL over the drawer.  It normally looked like this.  I had to constantly pull the tray forward.  I know… first world problems.


If you will, excuse the gross countertops (with missing trim pieces)… the flooring… and anything else unsightly.  Let’s focus on the silverware tray.  Do you see my issue?  Yeah, so when I ran into these, which I had already seen online, I picked up two!


I also picked up two of these.

extra trays

I made sure to measure my drawers while we were still at home… and that’s how I came to the conclusion that I would need that certain size “extra” tray.  And now it looks like this…


Much better… right?!  It expands the whole width of the drawer.  Yay!

So, this update ending up not costing me a single dime because of the gift card I used.  I love free!  I know this is such an easy and quick change, but it has made such a difference already.  And since it isn’t fixed (with nails or glue), it can be removed while the cabinets are being painted and be put back in later on.  It took all of two seconds to unwrap the tray and put it in the drawer.  I also love easy!

Do you have a small little problem like this that has been driving your crazy yet you haven’t fixed it?!  Hopefully I gave you a little inspiration with this update.  If you need any organizational type items, The Container Store is definitely the place to go.  But be careful, you might accidentally fall under the spell of the store and ending up staying all day 🙂





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