Comfy Cozy Chairs

So, I’ve mentioned a time or two that we would need to buy furniture for our living room.  We’re thinking about this setup.

living room setup

It just make SO much sense.  Two couches facing each other and two chairs looking towards the t.v. and mantel.  I want upholstered chairs and couches.  J.C. wants leather couches and chairs.  So, we are going to compromise and get two upholstered couches and two leather chairs, I think. Only seems fair!

I’ve been scouring the web for leather chairs and found four that could possibly be contenders, one of which we REALLY like and might buy.  Now, nothing is concrete and we may look in stores as well, but these are a few I’ve found so far.  P.S. Click on the pictures for info, pricing, etc.

palatial brighton 1500 wayfair

This one is pretty and priced around $1500.  The two things that are throwing me off are the very orangey leather and the curved arms.  But I do like the tall back of the recliner.

palatial trenton 1500 wayfair

This one is super pretty with the nailhead trim and dark leather, also priced around $1500.  The only concern about this one is the pillowed back.  Not sure how that would feel?!

palatial bronson 1300 wayfair

Love this one and the ottoman too!  It is a little orangey but not TOO much.  The ottoman is nice and so are the square lines.  It also runs around $1500.


zoey homedecorators 799

This one might be my favorite… and it might be because the price is so good… compared to the others anyways.  It’s $799 but can be regularly caught on sale.  I like the nailhead trim, the “flared” lines, and the ottoman.

So, which one is your favorite?  I had a few people look at the last picture and try to guess how much it cost.  One of them guessed $1200-$1300!  Must mean it’s a pretty good looking chair.  It also has good reviews online, which is another plus.

I’ll let you know which chair we are eventually going to go with. Until then, I’ll probably be keeping my eye out for leather chairs in nearby furniture stores that are a lot like these!




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