My Birthday Wish List

I’m just like a kid.  Every year I pick out gifts that I would like for my birthday.  Is that crazy?  Greedy?  Not sure… but I do know one thing.  It’s always fun!  Now, let me interject right now.  If anybody… and I mean ANYBODY that I am remotely close to decides to buy me one of these gifts, I’m gonna give you a whooping.  I wanted to share this list with you guys so that you might come to understand my style and the type of things I like.  On the other hand, if anybody wants to slip these ideas to J.C., go right ahead  🙂

P.S.  If you want more info on any of these items, just click on the picture and it will take you to the website/info/pricing/etc.!

First up, is this little leaf plate from Arhaus.  I could take off my earrings each night and put them on this little “dish.”

arhaus feather

Next are these REALLY cool straws that I’ve kind of been wanting for a while.  How fun, right?  And there isn’t any waste .  You can reuse them instead of throwing them away after one use… like a plastic straw.

straws amazon

Now, for shoes!  Gotta include some shoes.  I want the pink ones in a size 8!  I live out in the country and simply need some rain shoes.

shoes nordstrom

This wooden serving set from Ballard Design is fabulous!  The white-washed wood is perfect.

jillian serveware ballard

ANY Caldrea product in Sea Salt Neroli.  I already have this soap and really like it… a lot 🙂

sea salt neroli

Now, three pieces of Etsy jewelry that are so fab I can’!

stackable bracelets

This one is just so classic and would go with everything!  This next one is sweet too.  I would want one that had a J and R on it for J.C. and Rosalind.  And it comes in different lengths, which is great for my little 6″ inch wrist.

nameplate bracelet

And these earrings.  I featured them here once… and I still like them… a lot… a lot a lot!

peridot etsy earrings

And last but not least, a few outdoors items!  I love this little picnic basket.  It even comes with a blanket.

picnic basket

And last but definitely not least is this little patio set.  I love that the chairs (with the tan cushions… not red) come with ottomans that are stored underneath.  I love space savers.  Oh, did I mention I want two sets of these?  Yeah, one for each side of the front porch!


patio furniture

So, that’s a wrap.  I’m sure I could have found 1,000,000 other things that I liked, but I’ll stop here.  Did you like any of my items?  Do we have the same taste or could we be any different?  Leave me a comment below to tell me which item is your favorite.












2 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish List

  1. Me and you are so similar!! I have always thought my personality, interests, likes, etc. are very feminine, and it looks like yours are too! Etsy is a new obsession of mine! I LOVE the blue and green earrings the best!

  2. I love the patio set(s) I love space savers too! But, then again…. I like everything you posted! Great minds think alike! And if you know me…. I can’t drink anything without a straw! Haha I bought silicone straws that were reusable… But they were too wide, and I didn’t like them… These you posted look like a standard size! 🙂

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