Standing at Attention

I will seriously never forget when I saw it… standing at attention… in that magazine… on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida.  I thought it was SO cool.  I even showed J.C.!  I really wanted to buy it for myself, but never would because it wasn’t a necessity.  Would you like to see what I was looking at in that magazine?


standing knife

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Do you know what it is?  This bad boy is the standing knife from the Moma Store.  It costs $28.00 and is defnintly worth it… even though I didn’t buy it for myself.  From time to time, I’ll review products on the blog and tell you what I like about them and how they make life a little easier/better.

Let me share the story of how I received this knife… and then I’ll tell you how awesome it is!  Last fall, I wrote down “standing knife from Moma Store” on my wish list.  In my extended family, we exchanges names and try to give our secret santa a few ideas.  I was kind of verbally calling them out and everybody seemed interested in this “standing knife.”  The whole crowd thought it was pretty cool.

A couple of weeks later, my grandmother, Nanny, called me and told me that my aunt was her secret person.

Nanny:  “Rozzie, member that knife you were talking about… Nicole really wanted one.  Since I don’t have a computer, could you order it for me?  I’ll pay you for it.  You can just have it shipped to my house.”

I wanted to croak.  That was MY knife… and I had been wanting it for like 2 YEARS!!!  I ordered it and was a little bitter (I felt bad later on for feeling that way).  I have a rule that I don’t buy things for myself after my birthday, especially close to Christmas.  So, I had it shipped to her house and she paid me.  That was that.

Christmas Eve came around and we were all getting together.  I had no clue who had drawn my name or what they had gotten me.  My official title at our Christmas Eve celebration is the Santa Nazi.  I pass out all the gifts and we open them one by one, normally oldest to youngest.  I don’t like people to rush or get out of order.  I guess that’s why I got the title.

I had passed out all of the gifts and ran across mine in the process.  It will a small box that was very tall.  The idea crossed my mind for just a second that it might be THE knife, but then I thought, “nah… she wouldn’t have had me to order my OWN Christmas present…”

I was wrong.  As soon as it was my turn, I ripped into that thing and proceeded to hug it.  I may have even kissed it.  I was SO excited.  It was finally mine.  I told my Nanny that she tricked me good.  So, now I want to tell you how much I really like it now that I use it… a product review of sorts!

Here’s mine.


It obviously looks exactly like the one above.  It works really well.  The reason I wanted it in the first place is because J.C. and I keep butter out on the counter in a butter dish.  He would always smear butter on something and then lay that greasy, buttery, messy knife on the counter.  Gggrrr… It made me mad.  There was always butter smeared on the counter.  When I saw this, I knew it would solve that problem.

It’s rounded on the bottom and stands up at all times.  It’s just so cool.  We use it all of the time, mainly to spread butter on bread before we stick it in the oven.  I wipe it down from time to time and give it a bath when Mr. Butterfinger’s has really put a hurt on the poor thing.  If I had to give this product a rating, it would be 5 stars.  It would also be a really cool gift, at least I think it would 🙂

So, are you intrigued by the standing knife or do you think it’s the dumbest invention ever?  I could see where people wouldn’t be that interested in this product if they didn’t use butter.  To each his own, right?  Anyways, I hope this post didn’t bore you too much.  Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

The Moma Store didn’t not ask me or pay me to write this post.  All opinions are my own.  I really do just love this little standing knife 🙂



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