Metallic Gator

Uhm yeah… I’m sure this post title needs a little explanation.  When our previous home burned, we lost all of our furniture.  Some of it actually survived the fire; however, the smoke and water damage ruined what didn’t literally burn up.  When we moved into our new house, we didn’t have anywhere to sit… or prop our feet up.  I’ve mentioned a couple of times that a very sweet family gave us some furniture.  They offered us this little bench and we took it.


Cute huh?  Well… except for the fabric.  I’m sure it was great at it’s prime; however, it reminds me of bad nursing scrubs.  I like the little bench and hope to use it in either our guest bedroom or master bath; however, I’m not feeling the fabric… at all.


So, when I ordered the fabric for a super secret project we are working on, I added a few fabric samples to my order as well.  Three samples for reupholstering the bench and three for curtain options for our master bedroom.

I also want to spray paint the bench.  I don’t mind any of the finishes, but I don’t like them mixed.  I’m probably going to go with an oil rubbed bronze.  But who knows?  I might do some totally unconventional.  We shall see.

Right now we use this as a foot rest when we are watching t.v..  You can probably guess that it gets dirty.  I figured I would look for a fabric that was durable and easily wipeable.  Seeing that I don’t really know how or where we will end up using this, I just tried three random fabrics.

Here are the three photos from of the samples that I ordered.  First up:

1.  Faux Leather Metallic Gator Sparkle Gold

Faux Leather Metallic Gator Sparkle Gold

It’s $12.98 a yard but I would only need 2 yards at most so it would have cost me about $26.00 to use this one.  It “seemed” like a really fun fabric.

Up Next:

2.  Faux Leather Fabric Grange Copper

Faux Leather Fabric Grange Copper

This one runs $16.98 a yard.  It’s also a little more subtle than the other two.  Rustic and durable!

Last but not least…

3.  Faux Leather Metallic Gator Topaz

Faux Leather Metallic Gator Topaz

Also coming in at $12.98 a yard, I thought this one fun too!  I loved the “rose gold” look.

Let’s just say it all together.  “Thank you Jesus for allowing us to order fabric samples to make sure we like the fabric before we order LOTS of it.”  Yeah, the samples were pretty much hideous.  The Faux Leather Fabric Grange Copper (#2) wasn’t all that bad but not what I was going for.  #1 and #3 were STILL ARE AWEFUL!!!

I was looking for a leather… something that could easy be cleaned… and would wear well over time.  I was not looking for this…

alligator shoes

Yes, that is how I felt about the fabric.  And might I add that the shoes pictured above are from a costume shop website.  Enough said…

Let me show you the difference between the pictures on the website and the picture I took of the fabric samples once I received them.  There’s obviously a big difference.




Hello?  I mean, they look nothing alike.  J.C. even said, “those are hideous…”  Well, that was a bust.  Maybe I should stick to looking at fabric in the store from now on?  At least the samples didn’t cost me much money.  I’m sure I could find a use for them… maybe a chew toy for the dogs?!  A coaster?  A rag to wipe my hands with when I’m done changing the oil in my car?  Ok, all jokes aside, I won’t be using any of those fabric to reupholster the little flowerdy bench.  And the more I look at them, the more I wonder… “what was I THINKING?”

It’s okay sometimes to have a bad moment.  A DIY fail of sorts.  At least I didn’t cover the whole thing with the fabric, THEN realize it was hideous.  That would have been disasterous.  I’m sure I will eventually find a fabric that we like at Hancock’s or Hobby Lobby.  Until then, let’s file those away as a Big Fat No!

P.S.  This is obviously not a paid post for  If it was, I wouldn’t have bad mouthed their fabrics so much 🙂  All opinions are my own!  On another note, I REALLY liked the other three fabric swatches that I ordered from there.  They are all definitely contenders for our master bedroom curtains.  To be continued…





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