I Just Realized…

I just realized that I introduced you to our living room in this post… but never told you about any of the AWESOME plans floating around in my head.  Sorry about that!  Will you forgive me?  Ok, good 🙂

If you have already forgotten, this is what we started out with in the very beginning (before we moved in actually).


And here’s where we are at the moment…


Excuse the mess… that’s apparently what happens when you live in the middle of a construction zone.  I might even need to consider wearing a hard hat on a full-time basis!  That would be totally sexy.

Anyways, let’s get back on course.  I warned you guys that the bookcases might not make it through #projectsheetrock… and they didn’t.  It was going to be a huge hassle to save them, so they came out.  Not willingly.  Geez, those things were custom-made and very sturdy.  The would have lasted another gazillion years at least.  J.C. likes the look of everything without the built-ins.  I like the look too; however, I’m being practical.  We will eventually have things junk that will need to be stored in the living room… and built-ins are a good place for all that stuff.

I’ve been scanning Houzz for months, like probably close to a year, looking for ways to update the living room fireplace and built-ins.  Trying to make it circa 2014.  Know what I’m saying?  I absolutely love and must have symmetry.  If it’s one way on one side, it better be the same exact way on the other.  That’s another reason our t.v. will be on the mantle.  It would throw me WAY off if it was on one side or the other.  And that might be why we are going with this furniture placement…

living room setup

Symmetry, symmetry, symmetry!  I love it!  So, wanna see some pics that I’ve fallen in love with?

Ok, on this one, I love the curved top of the built-ins but don’t like the furniture layout and the t.v. is throwing me off!  But it’s a gorgeous space… just not quiet right.

I like the furniture set up in this room (even thought we want matching couches facing each other); however, there aren’t any built-ins.  I guess that is what J.C. was thinking of.  It is nice and clean, but it seems a little boring without the built-ins and where would all of our “stuff” go?  But that ceiling… B.E.A.UTIFUL!

This one is pretty fab.  It’s actually the photo that I showed J.C. when I sold him on the idea of two chairs looking at the fireplace with two couches facing each other.  It’s just the best way to have the most seating and still be comfortable.  I also love the stone on the fireplace as well as the built-ins.  That gray paint is so pretty and the stained tops are gorgeous too!  And this room is a little smaller than ours…

This one is awesome!  The built-ins are gorgeous and I love how the t.v. is sort of “built-in”… no pun intended.  Of course, we aren’t going for green, but you get the picture.

We are getting closer with this one.  The planks are really nice and I like how they left some of the brick showing.

Our fireplace has a little seat.  Or at least I guess that’s what you call it.  The brick doesn’t go all the way to the ground.  Well, it does.  Lord, I’m confusing myself and probably you guys too.  It’s like this picture.  And we could add that detailing on the front… or just leave the brick exposed.  It’s a very pretty space either way.

And this room is perfect… everything about it…  I love the planked fireplace, the flooring, the doors, the built-ins, the white washed brick… all.of.it!

inspiration living room 2

So, here’s the conclusion folks…

1.  I want to plank the fireplace horizontally yet leave a little of the brick showing.

2.  I think? I want to whitewash some of the brick.  J.C. and I have talked about leaving it as is and if we don’t like it, we will THEN whitewash.

3.  Building out a thin frame for us to “fasten” the planks to will also allow us to run unsightly cords and what not behind the planks!  YAY!

4.  I would like built-ins… need to get J.C. on board.  Showing him some of these pics should do the trick 🙂

5.  I would like the built-ins painted white; however, I want the largest shelf (the top of the closed off part) to be stained.  Like this pic…

6.  Would love some lighting in the built-ins (hidden) and maybe some picture lights.  Here’s an inspiration photo.

7.  Having the built-ins go to the ceiling is a must.  Before, they stopped just shy of meeting the ceiling and it made me crazy.  You couldn’t really put anything up there.  Well I guess you could store dust up there.  That always helpful… NOT 🙂

8.  A few strategically placed plug-ins would be nice.  J.C. says that can happen.  We shall see!

Oh and this will be a DIY project for J.C. and I!  WAIT A MINUTE… I just realized that I probably haven’t told you.  That big black thing in the first two photos that looks really scary (the fireplace insert) is coming out.  We had one at our last house and never liked it and we don’t like this one either.  Shew, I almost missed that one.  And you guys were probably wondering about it too.  Glad you know!

Ok, back to us doing this little project ourselves.  I got inspiration from Traci over at Beneath My Heart.  Her fireplace looked a lot like mine before… and you should see it now!  Just click here to see her FAB transformation.

So, do you like our ideas?  I’m very excited about how this room will look in the long run.  The same, but in a good way, different!  Leave me a comment below to tell me what you think of everything!





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