Why Did I Keep Looking?

Why do I do this to myself?  I just can’t help it I guess.  Maybe it’s an illness?  If it is, I have it!  I find something I like and then I keep looking for that same thing.  What ends up happening is that I find something I like better… UGH!

So, here’s my dilema.  I picked out a rug that I liked for our master bedroom MONTHS ago.  Way before the house fire at our old house… way before we moved in to the new house… and way before it was time to look for a rug 🙂

Just in case you missed the few plans that I have for the master, click hereI’m also contemplating what type of bed to purchase… upholstered or wood/upholstered.

As for rugs, I intially landed on this one… J.C. said he wasn’t that fond of it.  He didn’t like the animal print.  I told him that we would order it and if he didn’t like it in person, we would return it.  Wanna see?


It’s the Nourison Splendor Hand-tufted Beige Rug from OverstockIt gets really good reviews and I think it’s really funky and fun!  What do you think?  It’s very reasonable too!

I had my mind set on buying this rug when the time come, but then I saw this one…

safavieh rug spruce ivory

It’s the Safavieh Vintage Spruce/Ivory Viscose Rug from OverstockIt’s it gorgeous?  I think this rug is a little more timeless and classic than the leopard print rug above.  It’s a little more expensive and get’s about the same ratings.  On the other hand, the reviews mentioned that this rug was leaning towards a greenish color.  That worries me.  I guess I could return it if we were to not like the coloring.

Then I stumbled upon this one that is very similar… just a smidge different.

safavieh blue gray rug

Ooo… aaahhh… isn’t it pretty?  Do you see the small amount of purple in the rug?  I’m not sure that I mind it?!  This one is the Safavieh Vintage Light Blue Viscose Rug from… you guessed it… OVERSTOCK!

So, do you see my delima?  Can I get a witness?  I’m so torn.  Maybe I should show them to J.C. to see what he thinks.  I have a feeling that we will be ordering rugs and sending them back.  Let me know in the comment section below which one we should go with!




4 thoughts on “Why Did I Keep Looking?

  1. I like the last rug! Timeless! I feel you might get tired of the leopard print after a while…. I just love the last one, and it screams Rosalind to me 🙂

    • That’s kind of how I feel, like I might get tired of it quickly. And J.C. would probably be happy if I went with something other than the leopard.

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