6 Holes, 12 Hinges and 30 Screws

Remember when I prepped the pantry the other day?  The process included: removing country blue contact paper from the shelves and taking down the doors.  The next step was to remove the hardware and the hinges then fill the holes that wouldn’t be needed for our new hardware.

Just in case you missed our laundry room plans, click hereSeeing that we are having the built-ins painted and changing out all of the hardware, I needed to do a little prep work before the “sheetrock guy” came to finish the project.  Well, at least I THOUGHT I needed to do all of said work.  I did all of this work one evening when J.C. wasn’t here.  As soon as he got home he said, “You know that all of the work you just did was in the quote that he gave us?!  You didn’t have to do all that work.”

Really?  Seriously?  Ok, it’s not even that big of a deal because I actually enjoy stuff like this.  I’m serious.  I love to use tools, so this was fun!  After I removed the doors, it was time for the “fun stuff.”

First up, I removed all of the handles from the doors.  I made sure to save them as well as the screws.  I will donate all of the hardware to a local store called the Grab Bag.  Simple really… I just removed these two screws and they fell off.  Easy as pie 🙂


Then I removed all of the hinges.  That was easy as well.  I just took my Phillips head screwdriver and took the screws out.


So then I had a pile that looked like this…


After I removed all of the hardware (12 hinges) and all of the screws (all 30 of them), it was time to fill the holes (just 6 of them).  Since I am using the same type of hinges (updated and a different finish), I didn’t need to fill any of those holes; however, the new hardware is bigger than the old hardware so some of those holes needed to be filled.  Here’s the difference between the size of the old and new hardware.


Lola Girl is standing on the side of the new hardware.  She told me that she LOVED them.  As you can tell, they are a lot bigger than the old handles.  The holes drilled in the doors are 3 inches apart but the new handles call for holes drilled 6.25 inches apart which meant one of the old holes could be filled.  Yay!

I picked up some Elmer’s wood putty and a spackling knife.  Only cost me a few bucks… not even ten if I can recall.


It needed to be natural in color and paintable.  Check and check.  Next up, I put a little putty in the hole that needed filled.


Just a quick tip… a free tip… if this was you filling holes on your doors, please make sure you are filling the correct holes.  There is no need to do work that isn’t necessary.   On three of my doors, the bottom hole needed to be filled.  On the other three doors, the top hole needed to be filled.  Got it!?  Since the hole door goes thru the whole door, I put a little putty in both sides.  Take your putty knife and smush (that’s a technical term) it in the whole.  Make sure you feather it out some, like seen below.


Make sure you have the WHOLE hold filled!


This is what it looked like when I was done.


I know that it looks bad now, but it just needs to be sanded.  After a light sanding, it’s ready for paint.  The whole door could actually use some sanding and washing before they are painted.  I’ll get on that… sometime 🙂

So, got any experience in removing hinges, handles, and filling holes?  You do now!  Now if you want to update some of your cabinets, you know how!  I can’t wait to see how pretty these built-ins will look with paint and new hardware.







One thought on “6 Holes, 12 Hinges and 30 Screws

  1. I want to redo some of my furniture. Sand it and restrain it, and then change the knobs/handles! But…… I’m having an issue with having to fill in two holes to go from a handle to a knob, because my handles now have 3 holes! How weird is that?! But I want to keep the natural wood look! If I painted over it, it would be fine, but I don’t want to sit there and look at stained putty! What to do! What to do! 🙂

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