A Platform for the Bathtub

We’ve come to a final decision… I think 🙂

Ok, for real… we have made up our minds about what we want to do in the master bathroom.  Suprisingly enough, our final decision did not stem from the options I gave you in this post.  I thought we might do an undermount tub with a deck or possibly a freestanding tub that had a drain at the far end.  And then there was this…


Ok, not really!  But I was hoping to fool some of you guys.  🙂

I sat down on the couch one night with J.C. and MADE him look at bathtubs with me.  Then we went to Houzz (which I love) and looked at bathrooms we liked.  J.C. pretty much always needs a visual.  He needs to see it, look at it, pet it, sit on it, touch it.  I guess that’s the artist in him?

Anyways, as we were scrolling he said, “Oh, you know we could do that.”  WHAT?  We can?  Hallelujah!  He had just solved my biggest problem and didn’t even realize what he had done!  And by the way, we were looking at pictures like this.

Noticing any similarities with these two picture?  I’ll give you a minute to think on it… Okay, it’s the platform.  He informed me that if we built a platform for the bathtub, we could have any bathtub we wanted and the drain wouldn’t have to be at one end or another.  This is huge HUGE people!  Since day one, I wanted a bathtub with a drain in the middle that sloped on both ends (a lot like the one pictured above).  I thought I couldn’t have that because our drain is in the concrete foundation and wouldn’t work with a tub like that.  I thought wrong.

The platform will allow us to make the bathtub water drain wherever we want.  J.C. has a PhD in Waterology and knows what’s up.  He told me that if I could give him about 4 to 6 inches, he could make it work.  Is any of this making any sense?  Probably not!  I took it upon my not-so-artistly self to draw a picture for you.  Don’t make fun, okay?!

platform for tub

And here is what it looks like right now…


Are you picking up what I’m putting down?  Or is it as clear as mud?  The floor as well as the bathtub platform will be tiled, but I didn’t add the tile to the platform in the drawing because I didn’t want to confuse you anymore than I already have.  The bathtub will be centered under a new picture window and also within the “nook” area.  All of the plumbing will be hiding under the platform.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to add a chandelier over the bathtub… or maybe some sconces on each side of the window.

I told myself not to get in a rush on the the chandi/sconces.  I hope to find something really cool at an antique shop that I will be able to work with!?  I’m thinking that by adding the extra lighting, it will give this room the ambiance that is needed!  Would you like to see the bathtub we picked out?


Isn’t it fab?!  It’s the Sara 5.59 ft. Center Drain Soaking Tub in White from the Wyndham Collection at Home Depot.  My favorite thing about this tub is that it lays back on both ends.  It’s also a couples inches wider across the bottom than most freestanding bathtubs.  And here’s the hardware that I’m hoping we can make work!


Uhm, yes please!  We had a faucet on a bathtub like this where we honeymooned, so it’s kind of special to us.  It’s the Kokols Double Handle Roman Waterfall Bath Tub Faucet Trim Lever from WayfairAnd the price is on point at $138.99.  Normally these waterfall tub faucets are $500 or more, so this is a really good deal.

Well, what do you think?  Do you like the platform idea?  I am so excited we finally figured out how to make the “bathtub of my dreams” work in our space.  Sometimes it helps to get somebody else’s perspective to help you think outside of the box platform.









7 thoughts on “A Platform for the Bathtub

  1. AHHHHHH!! As sooooon as I saw the faucet, I thought “omg, that was the faucet on our honeymoon” haha! I really want one of those faucets!

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