Summer Bucket List

Summer begins on June 21st, which also happens to be the birthday of two of our nieces.  I love warm weather and summer might be my favorite season.  Last summer I had a bucket list of things I wanted to do/accomplish.  I crossed off almost every item on the list.  These items weren’t goals or work related… just things I wanted to do in my personal life.

I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, Carmel, posted her annual summer bucket list the other day and it got me thinking.  Why not create one for this summer too?  I also thought I might add a few blog goals on there but then changed my mind.  This isn’t a “to do” list or goals that I NEED to meet.  It’s a bucket list!  So, here goes.

1.  Entertain and love our family and friends-  We love getting together with family and friends even if it’s spur of the moment, so I want to keep this up.  It won’t be easy when our house is currently under construction, but we will find a way!  Not too long ago we got together with my brother and sister-in-law and I actually got to clean off the table and use some fresh roses from outside.  It was nice.


2.  Hang out with my nieces when possible.  We have 4 beautiful nieces that I love to hang with… and spoil… and feed candy… and other things their parents want to kill us for 🙂

3.  Go to a baseball game with J.C.!  He used to play and I’ve heard he was a JAM UP player.  He was pitching 90 MPH at only 16 years old.  He loved the game.  He wanted to play in college but didn’t get the chance due to a pole vaulting accident that lead to a broken back.  #ouch… He rececently explained the game to me and now I want to go to one with him.  And eating a hot dog will be a must.

4.  Grow personally.  I want to write in my journal more, read my Bible more, and read at least one book this summer.  These are things I do, but struggle to stay on track with, especially after all of the commotion of the fire at our previous home.


5.  Get a little bit of a tan… but not TOO much!  This will be achieved by fishing, swimming, gardening, etc.  I love all of these activities, so this one should be very easy.

6.  Han fun in the garden.  I  love gardening and want to add to/change some of the landscaping at the new house.  I have already planted some elephant ears and cannas in a little bed by our pump house.  If you missed out on the action, just click here

7.  Find time to relax and be still.  Take some time for myself everyday to relax and just be calm.  Whether it’s taking a bath (in our non-exsistent bathtub), talking a walk with the dogs, or just sitting still with no background noise.  An activity to help me “close all my open tabs” and clear my head.  If you know me this won’t be a shocker, but my mind is constantly running 90 to nothing.  And most days, I’m running around… so not only do I want this, I need it too.


8.  Love more and do more for others.  Write sweet notes, cook meals for sick people, new moms, family, etc.  Just do things to help others.

I figured 8 was enough, especially since I work full time, write this blog, redo houses as my second full time job, etc., etc., etc….  Don’t want to overload myself with a bucket list.  I’ll update you at the end of the summer on whether or not I was able to cross off the items on my list.  I’m not going to put pressure on myself about this list.  I’ll just try to make a conscious effort to keep them in my subconcious.  🙂

Do you ever create bucket lists?  Do you stick to them or give yourself a little slack?  Tell me some of the items on your summer bucket list by leaving a comment below!

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