Supper or Dinner?

So, do you call it supper or dinner? I’m referring to the meal where you sit down at the dining room table with your family around 6PM. The last full meal of the day. Do you call that supper or dinner? I call it dinner. Older people seem to call their 12 noon meal dinner.

Younger People eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Older People eat breakfast, dinner, and supper.

Isn’t it so funny how we all call the same meal different names?! Anyways, you have surely seen bits and pieces of our dining room, but I haven’t given a formal introduction. It actually isn’t a room that is seperate from another. The dining room and kitchen are all one big area.  Here are a few before photos.


This door leads to our patioI already jazzed it up a bit by adding new hardware and painting it Sealskin by Sherwin Williams.  Here are a few photos of the room since it has experienced some changes.


Doesn’t it look nice and junky?!  We have since cleaned up in there… a little bit.


This picture was taken from the kitchen, looking into the dining room.  (Should have turned the light off… )


This next pic was taken when I was standing in the dining room, looking into the kitchen.


So, as you can tell, it’s all one big open space.  I shared in this post how things have really changed in the kitchen, making it feel bigger and more open to the rest of this area.  And if you missed my stories about busting out of jail and our new beams, just click here and here

Now that we have all the details about the changes out of the way, let’s talk about MORE changes.  Change is good.  It’s scary sometimes, but it’s good.  First off I should mention that the fridge won’t always be in the dining room.  It will set in the “fridge nook” in the picture above (far right).

Let’s get to the good stuff, ya’ll!  I had originally created a moodboard using some of the items that we owned before we lost our house to a fire.  Since some of those things aren’t usable anymore, we kind of had to switch gears, but not TOO much.  I don’t know if I have mentioned it enough, but we really want this home to reflect us… the both of us… not just J.C. and not just me.  I try to think of him with everything that I pick for the house.  With big ticket items, like lighting, furniture, tubs, vanities, etc., we discuss that together before any purchases are made.

I thought a farmhouse table would be fun (and still do), but then I made the mistake of going into Paul Michael’s one day when we were in Lake Village.  Oh my goodness.  Just stay as far away from there as you can because you will SERIOUSLY want one of EVERYTHING… every last thing.  The whole store is so fab.

As soon as we walked in, this table was staring us in the face.

live edge dining table

Of course, I had to pet it.  Sit down on all the chairs and the bench that they had it with.  OMG, it was just so fab.  I told J.C. we HAD to have it.  He was all, “we need to get out of here.”  I was all, “oh no we don’t!”  This picture doesn’t do this table any justice.  It’s a live edge table and the character is next level.  I like how the legs give it more of a transitional/contemporary feel.  They had it paired with a live edge bench on one side and 4 upholstered chairs on the ends and the other side.

The chairs at the ends of the table in the picture below are the ones I’m referring to.  They were also FAB!

chairs from paul michael


Very tall and comfy.  They just wrapped around your body and made sitting down at the table very comfortable.  MUST HAVE THOSE CHAIRS!!!

Ok, in all seriousness, I don’t know if we will end up getting this table and four of those chairs; however, it’s an option.  I’ve always, and I mean always, wanted a banquette.  J.C. and I have discussed building the bench ourselves and having it on hidden casters.  That just gives us more options and flexibility.  Here are a few inspiration pictures that get me excited about the banquette idea!





How awesome are these spaces?  So cozy and welcoming.  I have actually already purchased the fabric for the bench cushion.  J.C. told me I was getting ahead of myself, but I don’t care.  It was so pretty and on sale, like more than 50% off!  That’s my kind of deal.  I’m going to get my seamstress to make a cushion cover for me that has a zipper so that it’s washable.  When you live with J.C. Ross, almost everything needs to be washable.  🙂

Here’s our chandelier!

dining room light DONE

The beads are wooden, giving it a slight rustic feel; on the other hand, it’s a chandelier, so that makes it tres chic!  I saw it on Wayfair one day but wouldn’t buy it because I didn’t want to spend that much money.  A few days later, no joke, it showed up on Joss and Main for $117.95.  I jumped on that like white on rice!  You can still purchase it from Wayfair by clicking here

Well, what are you thinking about our plans for the room that we eat “dinner” in?  I’m very excited, but that’s pretty normal for me!  Leave me a comment below and tell me if we should get the live edge dining table or something different!

P.S. This is not a paid post for Paul Michael’s, Sherwin Williams, Joss and Main, Wayfair, or anybody else.  I just happen to like their products and wanted you to know where you could get them!







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