Prepping the Pantry

Do you know how terrible a remodel is?  I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I’m glad that we can afford to remodel this house; however, it is not convenient and there is no set schedule or specific date(s).  If you know me at all, you know I am a very detail oriented, planned, scheduled, anal, etc., etc., etc. person.  That doesn’t mean I’m not any fun… it just means that I know when I am and when I am NOT available.

Our contractor was supposed to be floating the sheetrock weeks ago.  Want to know why he wasn’t?  Because we hadn’t purchased it yet, that’s why 🙂

Not only had we not purchased it, but we still haven’t found anybody to hang the sheetrock.  Want to know why?  Because life happens.  Anyways, I better get to my point before you get bored and quit reading.

I figured I might as well make myself useful and prep the pantry for when the “sheetrock” guy DOES come!  Remember our exposed pantry in the laundry room?  This is just the side of them and the picture was taken before we moved into the house.


They are located in our laundry/mudroom which is located at the back of the house.  This whole room, along with every other room in the house, is getting a complete makeover.  Our “drywall guy” is also going to do any painting that we need of him, including these built-ins.

I realize that painting is easy.  I don’t even mind painting; however, we want a flawless, smooth finish on all of our cabinets.  He’s a professional with a professional grade spray gun that can get the job done a whole lot better and much faster than we could with a paint brush.  So, we are letting him take the reigns on this one.

I figured I could help him out by prepping the pantry.  First up, was the lovely country blue sticky paper that was lining the cabinet shelves.


This “stuff” had to go.  It was sticky and kind of dirty and not my style.  I don’t know when it was installed, but the pattern doesn’t look very current.  That being said, it held up pretty well.

I went to town on all of the cabinets and had all of the paper removed in about 30 minutes (that also includes taking pictures).  (Sorry about the picture quality.  The inside of these cabinets gets NO direct natural light).


Some of it came off very easily and other parts of it were quiet tedious.  After it was all over, I had a nice pile of paper to throw away.


And here’s how the cabinets look without the country blue shelf liners.


And no, we don’t starve.  Remember how I told you in those post that we don’t buy a lot of junkISH food?!  Here’s your proof.  Most of our food sits on the counter (bread, fruits, veggies) or in the fridge (veggies, meat, dairy, etc.).  I do spy some junk food in there though- KRAFT EASY MAC!  You caught me 🙂

Since I was already working hard, I went ahead and took off all the doors.



One, two, country blue.  Three, four, remove the door.  Five, six, I’m tired.  #nurseryryhmegonebad

As you can tell I took off the doors.  Make sure that you keep up with your screws, hinges, etc.  I’m going to donate all of mine to a local shop since we are getting new hardware.  Here’s how I kept up with everything.


Ziploc bag to the rescue!  And here is the finished product.


What do you think?  For a split second I contemplated leaving some of the doors off and doing baskets.  I then snapped back into reality and decided doors were the smarter choice for these cabinets.  They will house our dry good foods, extra kitchen accessories, paper goods, etc.  It just makes sense to have all of that covered up.

This project took me about 45 minutes total, including taking photos.  I actually spent more time ripping up the country blue shelf liner than I did taking down the doors.  I like projects that are fast, free, and easy.  This one fit the bill.

I’ll be back next week with how I took the hardware off the doors and filled some of the holes to make way for the new handles!






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