Thinking Wasn’t Such a Bad Idea

He said yes!  YAY!  I asked J.C. if he thought we should inject our guest bedroom/future nursery with some character by adding white planked walls and he thought it would be a good idea.  I asked you guys what you thought the other day in this post… and the response was HECK YEAH!!

The main reasons that we are making so many changes to this house are- 1). making it feel like ours & 2). injecting lots of character.  We both agree that adding the white horizontal planks will definitley add character to this room, as well as the whole house.  I started feeling like a WHOLE HOUSE FULL OF SHEETROCK might not add much character to the place.  Hopefully this will spice things up a bit.

For those of you that missed the post, here are a few inspiration pictures.

Those rooms just scream whisper “relaxing.”  Don’t you think?  I might find myself hanging out in there more than I’m in my own bedroom, especially if my office space finds its way into this room.

A few of my favorite bloggers have added planked walls to a few of their spaces.  Sarah added them in her bathroom, while Shelley added them as an accent in her FAB dining room.  See her finished dining room here Both of these spaces are fab, fab, and more fab!

Now we simply need to make some decisions.  For example, the type of wood/material we will use for the actual planks and whether or not we should paint them white or another color.

I hope that we will love the finished project for a VERY LONG TIME, because I see a lot of hard work in our near future.  So, what do you think of our choice to “plank” this room?  Leave a comment below.




4 thoughts on “Thinking Wasn’t Such a Bad Idea

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