The Master Plans

I am still having a little bit of trouble planning all the details of our master bedroom.  What is with me?  Your master bedroom is supposed to be a “retreat.”  A place to get away at the end of a long day.  A relaxing space.

The only things I have already purchased for our master bedroom are the duvet, a duvet cover, a fleece blanket, and two throw pillows.  This is our duvet cover.


It’s the Stonewashed Framed Belgian Linen Duvet Cover from Restoration Hardware.  They don’t carry this specific duvet anymore, but here is a similar option.  I actually ordered this duvet cover when we were living in our old house, way before we even knew we would be purchasing our new house.  Somehow, the duvet cover survived the fire.  It wasn’t on our bed at the time of the fire, it was still in it’s original package.  Maybe that’s why it made it out?

If you are familiar with Restoration Hardware, you now their prices are a little more expensive.  I wanted this duvet SO bad.  So, I put it in my shopping cart and kept my eye on it for a while.  It started out at $279.  There was no way I was going to pay that.  By the time they put it on final sale, I picked it up for $139.  Yes, that is a $140 price difference.  BOOYAH!!! Sometimes it’s better to delay your purchase.  That way you can make sure it’s what you REALLY want and you could possibly save money… in my case, lots of money!

We have enjoyed the duvet cover so far.  It’s timeless looking if you ask me.  It also gets softer with every wash.  Yes please!

After our house burned in February, we almost immediately moved to our new house.  Seeing that it was February, we needed a blanket.  We picked one up at T.J. Maxx (my favorite store of all time) that is two different colors of gray and kind of looks like a very subtle animal print.  The other day when I was at T.J. Maxx again (it’s a sickness), I picked up two throw pillows for the bed.

So… that leaves us with a lot of decisions to make.  One of the biggest decisions to make it what kind of bed to buy.  We have already picked out our mattress, but don’t have a bed picked out yet.  I want one like this. (Click on the pictures for more pricing and information).


Both J.C. and I like this type of bed.  I just worry that after we spend that much money on it, a few years from now it will be out of style.  I guess as long as we like it still, that won’t really matter.

Then I think maybe we should get a bed that has a little bit of upholstery, but also a little wood.  Wood makes a room feel warm and cozy.  What do you think of this bed?


There’s no denying that this bed is absolutely GORGEOUS!  I think it would last a long time and would serve us well if we decided to change the room later on down the road.  The neutral fabric isn’t as fun as the gray fabric above, but allows you to make bolder decisions elsewhere.

Which one would you choose?  I feel like I can’t make any decisions until I pick out the bed.  Why do I make so many things so hard?  Geez.  Leave me a comment below and tell me which bed we should go with!  PLEASE… I need your help!

P.S. This is not a paid post for Restoration Hardware or WayfairI just like their products.  They didn’t have to pay me to say nice things!






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