I’ve Been Thinking Again

Oh Lord… It’s scary when I start thinking… and sometimes costly too.  And J.C. would probably say that I think too much.  I can’t help myself!  It’s normally about ideas.  One of my favorite quotes doesn’t make me feel so bad about thinking of ideas either.  Then I come here and share them with you.

close up of an empty school green  chalkboard

Guess I have a great mind?!  What can I say 🙂

Anyways, I was browsing the blogosphere and found an image of a room that was planked (horizontally) with white wooden planks.  As soon as I saw it, I thought of our guest bedroom.  Here a few inspiration pictures I found on Houzz

Aren’t they GORGEOUS?  I realize that one of them is painted planks and the other is just one wall of planks, but I think you get my drift.

I love the look of the planks.  To me it reads: comfy, cozy, cottage, rustic, simple.  I think it would work SO well in the guest bedroom; however, I do have a reservation or two.  How about we do a pros and cons list of why we should and we why shouldn’t install horizontal planks in the guest bedroom?


– Fun DIY project

– Save money- we wouldn’t have to have sheetrock installed, floated, or painted in this room if we DIYed the planks

– Comfy, cozy feel

– Change of scenery from the rest of the sheetrocked rooms in our house


– It may end up feeling “out of place” being the only paneled room?

– Time and effort involved on our part (not a con for me so much, but J.C. is super busy at work right now)

– Will we like the planks for a future nursery? (when we have children, this room will become a nursery)

Decisions like these are hard, ya know?!  We REALLY want to inject a lot of character into this house, to make it feel like “home.”  I need to ask J.C. what he thinks of the planks.  I have shown him a lot of rooms with them in the past, but never really asked if he would like it in our own house.  I think he would.  We’ll see!

So, do you like the look of the horizontal planked rooms?  Painted white or another color?  Vote below to tell us whether or not we should “plank” our guest bedroom/future nursery.



3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking Again

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