Our (Current) Digs

When J.C. and I were uprooted from our previous home unexpectedly by a fire, we had to move into our new house on a whim.  Our “plans” were to live uptown while our house out in the country was being renovated.  I can’t tell you how many times I said, “I’ll walk in, lay down in bed, and everything will be done.”  Boy was I wrong!

Since we knew that the master bedroom and guest bedroom would be becoming one, we decided not to set up camp in either of those rooms.  We didn’t need to be uprooted over and over again for no reason.  So, we set up camp in our guest bedroom.  My brother and sister-in-law (who is more like the sister I never had) let us borrow a queen bed of theirs.  The nice couple that gave us the tulip chairs and patio table, also gave us some more furniture.  The dresser they gave us also lives in our “current digs.”  Thanks everybody!

So, you want to see where we are currently sleeping every night?



There’s nothing very special about it for now… but at least it’s getting the job done.  So far we have taken up the carpet (that was all done in one day), removed the closet doors, and removed the globe from the light fixture.

I think?! this room is around 11′ by 8′ plus whatever the little nook measures.  Like I said earlier, this room will serve as our guest bedroom.  When we have children, this will be the nursery.  FYI- the guest will have to sleep on the couch.  Sorry folks!

I do not have any concrete plans about this room and as for Jace… he could care less (I think).  I do know that I would love to make this room very accomodating to our guest, but also use it as an office space when we aren’t hosting friends/family.  I mentioned to J.C. that I could set up over in the little nook area.  He said, “Why would you want to stare at the wall?  Wouldn’t you want to look out the window?”

Yes, that would be ideal; however, the room is small and I may not have many choices.  One thing I would love to DIY for this room is a headboard.  The sweet couple that gave us all the furniture after our house burned included a queen mattress and box springs in the deal.  That means, I’m working with what I’ve got!

I would LOVE to DIY this headboard.


This bed is the Gustavian Bed from Vivaterra.  It’s ONLY $1,995!  GULP!  That’s a little lot out of our price range.  I think a DIY would be fun, a challenge, and a whole lotta cheaper!

Other than the bed, which may or may not ever happen, I don’t really have any ideas for this room.  I know that probably seems really weird to you guys; however, the items I planned on using for this space were lost in the fire.  It’s just like every other room…. starting over from scratch.

What do you think of our guest bedroom?  Are you going to be visiting any time soon?  What would you like to see in this space?  Do you like the headboard that I’m thinking of DIYing?  I love it!  Leave a comment below.








2 thoughts on “Our (Current) Digs

  1. I love love love the bed in this picture! It will also go very well with deer head mounts, a turkey mount or two, and a big mouth bass or bob cat in there for a man space! Juuuust kidding! 🙂

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